How To Feed Villagers in Medieval Dynasty

feed villagers medieval dynasty


“Survival in the medieval world of Medieval Dynasty hinges on your ability to provide sustenance for your villagers. In this blog post, we’ll share methods for feed villagers medieval dynasty.

How To Feed Villagers Medieval Dynasty

Steps are mentioned above

Growing crops

The most effective way to provide sustenance to the villagers is by cultivating crops. To achieve this, you should plant crops, allow them to mature, and then harvest them. Once you’ve gathered the crops, save the seeds for future planting. After this step is completed, you can process the harvested crops to prepare nourishing meals for the villagers.

Hunting animals

Another way to get food for your villagers is to hunt animals. You can do this by crafting a bow and arrow or a spear. Once you have a weapon, you can go out into the forest and hunt deer, bears, boars, rabbits, and other animals.


You can also fish to get food for your villagers. To fish, you will need to craft a fishing rod and some bait. Once you have your fishing gear, you can go to a river or lake and try to catch some fish.

Buying food from the trader

If you are short on food, you can always buy some from the trader. The trader will sell a variety of food items, including bread, meat, and vegetables.

Building a food storage building

As your village grows, you will need to build a food storage building. This will allow you to store food for your villagers, so that you always have enough to feed them.

Additional Tips

Tips for feeding your villagers

Here are some additional tips that may help you feed your villagers

By following these tips, you can make the process of feeding your villagers in Medieval Dynasty much easier.

For a smart food management plan, invest in a farm and assign a capable villager with at least level 4 farming experience to act as farmer.

Utilize your time during summer to visit your starting village (where you initially stole tools) and harvest rye from all suitable plots; this harvest should yield approximately 500 units.

Within the management interface of said-farm (located at upper right-hand corner), instruct those responsible for production to focus fully on cultivating rye grain – both wheat and one additional unit being created through this process- while simultaneously constructing an active tavern establishment nearby by appointing yet another experienced villager who possesses great finesse as an adept innkeeper.

Again accessing said-farm’s management program display command interface menu option , choose “guel” at 100% capacity. In addition, add yet another production order by choosing cooked meat. Once raw ingredients are input into your designated food storage space, your tavern keeper shall prepare the delicacies accordingly.
Now you may relax and observe confidently as your farms and tavern work in concert to create a hearty and delicious food supply.

in this article we discussed about medieval dynasty how to feed villagers. this is the whole guide i hope you enjoyed it.

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