How to Trade in Roots of Pacha

Trading in roots of pacha ,how to trade in roots of pacha

How to Trade in Roots of Pacha

how to trade in roots of pacha

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Are you a Player in Roots of Pacha and are you looking for a trader to trade in Roots of pacha. Trading is an exciting part of this game that allows you to get items and make your gameplay even better. In this guide, we will show you how to trade effectively in Roots of Pacha.   these tips will help you become a successful trader in no time.

Developing the Trading Idea

Before you start trading, there are a few things you need to do. Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Become friends with Zelk- Zelk is an important character who can help you with trading. Make sure to build a good relationship with Zelk by doing tasks for them and spending time together. When you reach 2 hearts with Zelk, you’ll unlock more trading opportunities.
  2. Complete the “Trading” smoke signal- Keep an eye out for the “Trading” smoke signal in your village. When you see it, complete the task associated with it. This will teach you the basics of trading and give you helpful information.
  3. Build a Trading Post- Construct a Trading Post in your village. This will attract traders and create a place where you can do all your trading activities.

Finding a Trader

Now it’s time to find a trader. Here are 3 Traders.

 How to Trade in Roots of Pacha

1. Zelk  

Feather Meal
Horse Manure
Wild Pineapple
Wild Pumpkin
Wild Sea Kale
Wild Wheat
Flea Repellent
Tummy Medicine
Dried Red Meat
Dried Wild Alma
Dried Wild Citron
Ibex Milk Butter
Ostrich Egg
Ostrich Feather
Smoked Rock
Wild Avocado Oil
Wild Oats Flour
Wild Rye Beer
Wild Sauerkraut
Wild Sunflower Oil
Beans Seeds
Beets Seeds
Carrot Seeds
Chile Seeds
Strawberry Seeds

2. Brub 

Items Offered
Arroz con Leche
Blue Seashell
Mussel Shell
Wild Grapes
Wild Rice

3. Zeda  

Items Offered
Lentil Pie
Wild Honey
Wild Lentils
Wild Rye

Choosing the Items to Trade

In Roots of Pacha, you can trade for many different things like crops, tools, resources, and recipes. When selecting items to trade, consider these things.

  1. Rarity: Rare items are more valuable and sought after by traders. Keep an eye out for rare items that can give you a better deal.
  2. Usefulness: Think about what the villager you’re trading with needs or wants. Items that are useful to them will have a higher value.
  3. Friendship level: The better your friendship with a villager, the more likely they are to accept a trade that may not be entirely in their Favor. Strong relationships can make trading easier!

Making the Trade

Once you have chosen the items to trade and found a willing trader, it’s time to make the trade. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Agree on the trade: Talk to the villager and discuss the items you want to trade. Make sure you both agree on what you’re exchanging. If needed, negotiate to make it fair for both of you.
  2. Click on the “Trade” button: Once you’ve agreed to the trade, click on the “Trade” button to complete the transaction. Congratulations, you’ve successfully traded in Roots of Pacha.

Additional Tips for Trading in Roots of Pacha

Here are a few extra tips to help you become an even better trader:

  1. Trade for items you can’t get easily: Trading is a great way to get items that might be hard to find or take a lot of time to obtain.
  2. Build strong relationships: Take the time to get to know the villagers and build strong friendships with them. The better your relationship, the more likely they are to offer you good trades and special items to you.


Trading in Roots of Pacha is an exciting way to enhance your gameplay and acquire valuable items. I hope by following these steps and tips you can start trading. And if you want to learn about how to get obsidian in roots of pacha then you can read our recent post on how to get obsidian in roots of pacha

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