Simple Guide on Call of Dragons Eliana

Simple Guide on Call of Dragons Eliana


Are you looking for A guide on Eliana in Call of Dragon games. Then you are at right Place. Eliana is one of the best epic Heroes in the game. She has the overall talent tree branch, which means she can use it with any of the troop types in the game.

She is a peacekeeping hero and has the support talent tree as well. What really makes Eliana so good is that she can give pretty much every single hero in the game the defense that they need. If your hero is suffering from defense syndrome, Eliana is the best choice. You should try your best to awaken this hero.

Brief Guide on Eliana Skills

Simple Guide on Call of Dragons Eliana

Starting off with the Rage Scale, it grants Eliana’s Legion a Divine Shield that absorbs a large amount of damage (Shield Factor 500) for 5 seconds, while dealing skilled damage to the Target Legion (Damage Factor 200). Now, if you put Eliana with a magic unit, it’s gonna do 200 damage with a magic Rage Skill Factor. If you put Eliana with a physical hero, it’s gonna do a physical damage factor of 200. This is how it works. It provides some good defense for your hero, especially if they are suffering from defense syndrome.

Grants the Hero’s Legion a Divine Shield that absorbs a large amount of damage (Shield Factor 200) for 5s,while dealing Skill damage once to the target Legion (Damage Factor 100, affected by Legion’s ATK).


Simple Guide on Call of Dragons Eliana


Moving on to the second skill, Damage Death during Peacekeeping, the bonus goes all the way up to 25 percent starting from 7%.


Simple Guide on Call of Dragons Eliana

On the third skill, Eliana’s Legion takes 30 percent less normal attack damage. This is some good stuff. You can reduce the normal attack damage of the enemy, providing excellent defense.

Simple Guide on Call of Dragons Eliana

The fourth skill, when casting the red skill, Eliana’s Legion gains Shelter, increasing their defense by 30 for 5 seconds. A legendary version of Eliana is right here. Thea, if you don’t want to use Eliana, Thea can take that mantle.

Now let’s continue with Eliana and go over to the Awakening skills. It grants a Divine Shield to Eliana’s Legion, giving them a 70 percent chance to receive healing when attacked (Healing Factor 400). This effect can be triggered once every three seconds. As you can see, eliana is very defensive. I personally don’t recommend a talent tree for this hero. You should always use her as a secondary. But if you want to use her as a primary, here are some example talent trees to pick from.

How To Use Eliana in Call of Dragons

Simple Guide on Call of Dragons Eliana


Eliana, one of the best secondary heroes in the whole game for any hero in the game. Alright, the first talent tree is gonna be full support and then half overall. This is what I recommend for Eliana if you don’t know where to start. This is the talent tree to pick. Let me show you why.

Now, let me minimize the talent tree and show you the skills that we picked one by one. As usual, pick the good stuff from here. You have attack, defense, and HP. Get this one. You have no choice. First of all, let’s start off with the overall direction. We’re gonna take this HP, grab some attack damage from here, and take more skill damage. Eliana can do a red skill damage factor of 200. You have the chance to amplify that with this one.

When you come over here, you take the Guardian Angel. Taking the Guardian Angel talent grants resistance to Eliana’s Legion, reducing the damage they take by 4%. This helps to enhance their overall survivability in battle. Next, we move to the Support direction, where we focus on boosting Eliana’s support capabilities.

We start by taking the Battle Cry talent, which increases the skill damage of Eliana’s Legion by 9%. This amplifies the effectiveness of their skills and allows them to deal more damage to enemies.

Moving further down the Support direction, we select the Vigilance talent, which increases the damage reduction of eliana’s Legion by 6%. This further strengthens their defense and ensures they can sustain longer in combat.

Continuing along the same path, we choose the Blessed Shield talent. This talent grants Eliana’s Legion a Divine Shield for 5 seconds at the start of battle, absorbing a significant amount of damage and providing valuable protection.

Next, we go for the Empowering Presence talent. This talent increases the defense of Eliana’s Legion by 8%. This boost in defense further reinforces their ability to withstand enemy attacks and ensures the safety of your heroes.

Finally, we select the Focused Healing talent, which increases the healing effect received by Eliana’s Legion by 6%. This enhances the support aspect of Eliana’s abilities, allowing her to provide even more healing to her allies during battles.


So, to summarize, the recommended talent tree for Eliana as a secondary hero is to focus on the Support direction, taking talents such as Guardian Angel, Battle Cry, Vigilance, Blessed Shield, Empowering Presence, and Focused Healing. This combination enhances Eliana’s defensive capabilities, boosts her skill damage, and strengthens her support role in providing healing and protection to her Legion.

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