Medieval Dynasty Riddles Answers

Riddle Game with Ida for Scythe Main Story Quest in Medieval Dynasty 0 17 screenshot Medieval Dynasty Riddles Answers

In Medieval Dynasty, you will encounter a number of different challenges as you try to build your village and become a successful medieval lord. One of these challenges is a series of riddles that you must answer in order to win a powerful tool- Uniegost’s Scythe.

Ida, a young woman who lives in the village of Borowo, will challenge you to answer three riddles. If you answer all three correctly, you will win Uniegost’s Scythe. This is a valuable item that can be used to harvest crops and clear trees.

Answers to Medieval Dynasty Ida’s Riddles.

Here are the medieval dynasty riddles With Answers that Ida will ask you:

  1. What disappears the second you say its name? Answer: Silence
  2. Feed me and I live yet give me a drink and I die. Answer: Fire
  3. I can fly but have no wings. I can cry but I have no eyes. Wherever I go, darkness follows me. Answer: A cloud

Rewards for Answering Ida’s Riddles

In addition to winning Uniegost’s Scythe, there are other rewards for answering Ida’s riddles. For example, you will earn a reputation bonus with Ida, which will make it easier to trade with her in the future. You will also earn a small amount of experience points, which will help you to level up your character.

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