Medieval Dynasty Cave locations

In this article, I have provided medieval dynasty cave locations of five caves and a pro tip, which is the location of the bears. So, read carefully and start mining.

In the Medieval Dynasty, the caves held valuable materials that a player needed for crafting the caves are limited in the games, there are only 5 caves but five are enough for the resources and crafting purpose.

Building a village near the caves can make transporting materials to your home easier. We have carefully selected the best location for the village.

Medieval dynasty cave locations and mines

Exploring the caves within the medieval dynasty can be an exciting adventure, but players may struggle to locate them. Fortunately, this article provides insight into the locations of caves where iron, tin, and copper ores can be mined. Here are the top five cave locations that players should be aware of.

  1. Between baranica and barnica
  2. Straight south of lesnica
  3. North east of jezerica
  4. Topmountain cave
  5. Straight north to Hornica
Medieval Dynasty Cave locations

Bear location

Usually, caves are guarded by bears and it’s important to be cautious around them. If they spot you, you may have to defend yourself with a powerful weapon. If you don’t have one, the bears may chase after you and try to harm you. In that case, you should keep running until the bears are no longer behind you.

I am adding a map of the all bear locations in the game.

Bear location medieval dynasty


In the world of Medieval Dynasty, caves hold essential crafting materials, and while there are only five caves, they are sufficient for resource gathering. Building your village near these caves can streamline material transportation. This article provides the locations of these caves and offers a pro tip on dealing with bears that guard them. With the included bear location map, players can confidently explore, mine, and craft in this captivating medieval world. So, equip yourself with this knowledge and embark on your adventures in Medieval Dynasty!

Where are the caves in the medieval dynasty?

The locations are
As you go in between Baranica and Branica
Straight South of Lesnica.
To the North-East of Jezerica.
In the middle of the map, in the center of the mountains. There are 2 roads that lead to this cave that you can see on the in-game map.
To the East of Hornica, next to the big, rocky lake. Follow the river from the lake to the East and you will find it.

How many caves are there in medieval dynasty?

total Five caves are there

Where is the best place to build a village in medieval dynasty?

we have a guide for best location to build village

Do mines replenish medieval dynasty?

Yes, the mines replenish

What is the most efficient way to make money in medieval dynasty?

You can make money in medieval dynasty in many ways

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