Why do my Turtles keep Despawning?

Minecraft is all about how you manage your time in different fields of Minecraft. For example- farming, construction, and in your animal husbandry. Taking care of animals can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to turtles. Although taking care of them is not difficult, breeding baby turtles requires patience and dedication to ensure the successful birth of a new hatchling. After waiting for this long time you don’t want your turtles to keep despawning. Many players are often facing this problem.

Today, we will explore whether Turtles despawn in Minecraft, why they may despawn, and how to prevent it.

Reasons due to Turtles Despawn

There are two possible ways for the turtles to despawn-

Death of turtles

This can be a reason for the despawning of your turtles.

  • Hostile Mobs: Zombies can kill both of your turtles adults, and newborns and they can also destroy the eggs laid by the Turtles during the night. Make sure to make a safe shelter. Don’t forget to use torches or lanterns near and in their shelter as it will help in the prevention of the spawning of zombies.

Keep your Turtles in a closed shelter and make sure not to use the door, and if you do make sure to use the Iron door and the button to enter it.

If you use fences to shelter turtles, it can be a rare cause of death for the baby turtles as they are stuck in between the fences and die of suffocation.

Technical Bug

It is important to note that Turtles can despawn due to technical issues or bugs, but there are effective solutions available to prevent this from happening.

Prevent your Turtles from Despawning

With two simple solutions, you can ensure that turtles never despawn again. Don’t let these beautiful creatures disappear-

  • Feed them Sea Grass: You can use the Seagrass to feed the baby turtles to make sure that they won’t disappear. You can try this with every animal and mob you take care of by feeding them whatever they eat.

Finding Seagrass can be a very easy task.

All you have to do is to collect two iron ingots and prepare shears with them.

Why do my Turtles keep Despawning?
Why do my Turtles keep Despawning? 1

You have to go to any river, pond, or lake and all you’ve to do is to reach the bottom of the river and collect the seagrass using the shears.

Why do my Turtles keep Despawning?
Why do my Turtles keep Despawning? 2
  • Giving them a specific name: You can use the name tag to give specific names to the turtles or any mob in Minecraft you want. This technique is commonly used to make Creeper, Gold, Iron, and Ender farms.

How to find a Name tag

Finding a name tag is tough as compared to the Seagrass. You can collect the name tags in the Dessert Temples, Ocean Monument, Nether Fortress, Mineshafts, Dungeons, and in the chest near the mob spawner (while mining).

The easiest and most efficient way to find a name tag is to use a Fishing Rod. The name tag is a treasure item that you can easily obtain by fishing.

You can create a Fishing Rod by collecting 3 Sticks and 2 Strings. You can get string by killing spiders and destroying cobwebs. NOTE: Spiders don’t attack during the daytime from which you can take advantage. You can destroy cobwebs only by using your sword.

To increase the possibility of finding the Treasure items you can also apply these two Enchantments-

Luck of the Sea: Luck of the Sea increases the chances of finding rare and treasured items while fishing. (Name Tags come in the Treasured Items category)

Lure: Lure is an enchantment that increases the chances of catching treasured items and fish when using a fishing rod.

Apply these two enchantments for the betterment of finding the rare item and also the name tags.

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