How to Find an Owl in Medieval Dynasty

To find the owl in Medieval Dynasty find the owl, for this you need to complete the quest “Unigost’s Story III”. This quest is given to you by Uniegost, the village elder. To start the quest, talk to Uniegost and he will tell you medieval dynasty owl location that a nearby hunter, Sambor, is being kept awake by an owl. Uniegost asks you to find the owl and relocate it.

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For medieval dynasty owl quest, you need to go to Sambor’s house. This is located in the northeast corner of the village. Once you are at Sambor’s house, you will hear the owl hooting. Follow the sound of the hooting and you will eventually find the owl.

The owl is located in a bush, about 5 meters (~15 feet) from Sambor’s house. Once you find the owl, you can interact with it and relocate it to a new location.

Once you have relocated the owl, talk to Sambor and he will reward you with a small amount of money. You will also complete the quest “Unigost’s Story III”.

Here are two tips for finding the owl:

  • Listen for the hooting. The owl will hoot periodically, so listen for this sound to help you track it down.
  • Look for the bush. The owl is located in a bush, so keep an eye out for this type of vegetation.

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