Note block in minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial will help you to understand the note block in minecraft, as I have covered everything about it in this guide covering how to make it and what the uses.

What is a Note block?

Note block is a block that produces musical notes when provided with Redstone power. It has different pitches, making it unique and fascinating to the player and this makes the player craft it.

Note block Recipe

Crafting note block requires 2 items

  • 1 Redstone
  • 8 Wooden planks (It could be planks of any wood)

I have divided the recipe into three simple steps.


1. Open your crafting table

2. Place 8 wooden planks in crafting table leaving centre empty

Screenshot 2023 11 04 14 03 20 623 com.mojang.minecraftpe 1 1 Note block in minecraft

3. Place redstone in the center

noteblock minecraft Note block in minecraft
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Here we go we crafted a Note block


After crafting a note block and learning its recipe in Minecraft, you might wonder how to use it. Here’s a guide to help you.

I have listed 8 popular uses for note blocks in Minecraft, as I have used them all myself.

Custom Music


Dance Floors

Puzzle Elements

Redstone Melodies


Interactive Exhibits

Custom Sound Effects

The sound produced in note block by different blocks

Note block produces different sounds when placed on different surfaces.

I have created a table listing the all blocks in Minecraft and the sounds they produce when a note block is placed on them. This will help you become familiar with all the blocks and their sounds.

Names of BlocksSounds They Produce
Grass BlockClick/Pluck sound
DirtBass Drum sound
SandSnare Drum sound
GravelClick/Pluck sound
Wood (Various types)Guitar sound (note that different wood types produce slightly different pitches)
Stone (including cobblestone, stone bricks, etc)Bass Drum
SandstoneSnare Drum
gold blockBell
iron blockChime
snow blockXylophone
Packed iceCow Bell
Bone blockXylophone
Emerald BlockChime
Redstone BlockHarp
NetherrackBass Drum
Soul SandSnare Drum
Nether Wart BlockFlute
Mushroom blocksGuitar sound
Polished BasaltDidgeridoo
Target blockPiano
These are all the blocks that produce different tones.

How to make songs by Note block

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