How to Make Money Fast in Medieval Dynasty with Wooden Log


Hey everyone. I have been playing medieval Dynasty and I found out How to Make Fast Money in medieval dynasty wooden vial or with Wooden Log. And in this article, I will tell you how to do it.. In this article, I will show you how to turn 15 logs into 900 coins in Medieval Dynasty.
We’ll figure out how to turn only 15 logs into 900 coins. To obtain it, you will need a workshop and a woodshed. In short, this is the list of items.

  • 15 logs
  • 45 coins (to purchase the wooden vials recipe)
  • A workshop
  • A woodshed

1. Clearing the Way

To start this money-making adventure, be sure to clear the area around the workshop and ask any nearby NPCs to step aside. This will give you the space and freedom to complete essential tasks without any interference.

2. Crafting Planks from Log

The first step in this process is to craft 30 planks. You can do this by taking your logs to the workshop and using the saw to cut them into planks.

3. Value of Wooden Vials

Once you have crafted 30 planks, take them to the workshop and use the workbench to craft them into wooden vials. Each plank will create 10 wooden vials, and each vial is worth three coins. As a result, from the initial 30 planks, you will have a total of 300 wooden vials.

4. Cost Considerations

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that this recipe for making Wooden Vials comes at the cost of 45 coins. So, keep this expense in mind while planning your strategy.

5. Sell the Wooden Vials

Once you have crafted all of the wooden vials, you can sell them to merchants, they will buy these wooden vials from you. Each wooden vial is worth 3 coins, so you will make a profit of 900 coins from selling 300 wooden vials.

Quick Money Making Method


After patiently crafting all the wooden vials, you will have a total of 300 vials, which are worth 900 coins when sold. This incredible profit is produced from just 15 logs.


If you don’t want to wait for the wooden vials to craft Although it takes 6 to 7 seconds, you can give this to a villager to do it for you.

You can also increase your profit by selling the wooden vials to merchants in other villages.

Each vial takes about six to seven seconds to make so this frees you up to do other activities while waiting for the vials to be ready.

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