Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha

Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha

Mistakes To Avoid in Roots of Pacha

Mistakes To Avoid in Roots of Pacha


Hello everyone, Welcome to my article. Today I am going to tell you about the Mistakes to avoid in roots of pacha to give some tips and tricks to that can save a lot of your time in Roots of Pacha. Learn from the mistakes I made and unlock the secrets to maximize your farming experience in this game. I want to share some valuable insights from my experience playing Roots of Pacha. I made a few mistakes along the way after playing for months, but I also discovered some useful tips that I believe will greatly enhance your gameplay.  So here are my 5 mistakes that you should avoid.

 1. Neglecting Fishing and Selling Raw Fish

At the beginning of the game, earning contribution points is slow process, especially when you don’t have many seeds or efficient farming tools. One mistake I made was not paying attention to fishing to earn points. Fishing is actually a great way to accumulate points but remember, avoid selling raw fish directly. Instead, focus on drying, smoking, or fermenting the fish. Dried fish is the very valuable, fermented fish provides the most stamina, and smoked fish falls in between both. By drying all the fish, you catch, you can maximize your points. Start by fishing in the rivers near the village, and once you get the Harpoon, explore other locations like the beach for rarer fish

.Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha

 2. Selling All Collected Fur

Fur is obtained from animals like boars, bison, and guanacos, and it is valuable resource that can be appealing to sell for contribution points. However, later in the game, you will unlock the ability to create irrigation systems, which require extenders crafted with yarn. Guess what? Yarn comes from fur. To avoid the frustration I faced, remember to save some fur to craft extenders for your irrigation system. Boars produce fur more often but are less valuable, while guanacos produce fur less frequently but are more valuable. Find a balance that suits your needs.

Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha

 3. Not Releasing Animals to Make Space

Roots of Pacha offers a variety of animals that you can breed, with each generation potentially having better stats and yielding higher-quality products. However, animal sheds have limited space, and it can be challenging to accommodate all the animals that you want to breed. Initially, I made the mistake of releasing my older animals to make room for newer ones, but then I discovered that released animals don’t disappear. They actually go back to where you found them and retain their stats and affection for you. So, don’t hesitate to release animals temporarily to create space in your sheds for breeding. You can invite them back later without losing anything.

Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of PachaMistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha

 4. Inefficient Irrigation System Design

When setting up my irrigation system, I made the mistake of placing trenches with only two tiles of soil in between. It seemed logical, but later I learned a more efficient layout. If you have two lines of trenches with three tiles of soil in between, the middle row receives a bonus and gets watered too. This is crucial for maximizing your irrigation system’s effectiveness. Remember to place your trenches three tiles apart for optimal watering efficiency. This tip will save you from having to redo your irrigation system later on.

Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha

 5. Overlooking the Ability to Buy Saplings

Early on, I didn’t realize that I could purchase saplings for fruit trees from the nursery. While seeds can be obtained from wild sources, saplings provide a simple and controlled way to grow your own fruit trees on the farm. In the nursery menu, you can switch between buying seeds and saplings. This allows you to experiment with tree placement and create a beautiful orchard. Remember to clear the area around your trees regularly to avoid excessive debris and consider using paths or rugs to maintain a clean and organized farm.

Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha Mistakes to Avoid in Roots of Pacha


I hope these insights into my mistakes and the tips I have shared will help you in Roots of Pacha more effectively. By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to avoid common pitfalls and make the most out of your gameplay. Thanks For reading my article

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