How To Make Money In Medieval Dynasty in 5 Ways

How To Make Money In Medieval Dynasty in 5 Ways


5 Best Ways To Make Money Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a massive adventure and survival game that requires resources to build a successful dynasty. One important resource you will need is money. However, in the early stages of the game, funds may be limited.

In this article, I will guide you top five ways to how make money quickly Medieval Dynasty and guide you How to sell in medieval dynasty. While these methods won’t make you rich, they will give you enough coins to advance and set up your village for better opportunities to make money in the future.

1. Crafting and Selling Stone Knife

The Stone Knife is a valuable item that can be crafted with just five sticks and two stones. It weighs only half a kilogram, but sells at a good price with vendors.

While you’re making your way to town, collect as many sticks and stones as you can, craft a bunch of stone knives, and sell them to vendors for a nice starting money or cash boost. However, it is advisable to focus on making stone knives early in the game. Once you have an established village gathering villagers’ resources, it is more efficient to use a stone knife as an essential tool.

2. Selling Feather

As you build your village, you’ll be cutting down a lot of trees. After cutting down a tree, the initial cut provides you with sticks and more importantly feathers.

Feathers are light and can be sold for a good number of coins. Since you will be cutting down a lot of trees quickly, you will collect a surplus of feathers.

Store some in your chest and sell the extra to make arrows later. Once you have a hunting lodge up and running, you can hire a villager as your hunter to collect feathers as well.

3. Crafting Simple Bags

Making simple bags is another way to make money. These lightweight bags can be handcrafted with three leathers each.

Once your hunting lodge is up and running and you have hired a villager as your hunter, adjust the work percentage to ensure there is enough food for the village when your hunter collects leather.

When preparing for a vendor run, prepare the collected leather in simple bags. Although they require additional steps to craft, simple bags sell for a high price and also provide the crafting experience.

4. Crafting and Selling Wooden Spoon

The wooden spoon is an incredibly lightweight item that only requires one stick to make. Although you’ll need to spend 50 coins to unlock the crafting recipe at the Woodworking Shop, the investment pays off quickly. Sticks are abundant in Medieval Dynasty, and crafting spoons from them allows you to take significant quantities to vendors for a reasonable profit.

Alternatively, you can hire a villager to make spoons for you at the wood shop. Wooden Spoon serves as an excellent option for earning money in the early stages of the game.

5. Wooden Vial

Similar to the Wooden Spoon, the Wooden Vial is crafted at the Wood Shop and also requires 50 coins to unlock the recipe. However, making wooden vials involves a multi-step process of turning pieces of wood into planks and then planks into vials.

Although it may sound tedious, once you have a functional village with assigned villagers, they can handle the crafting process for you.

As they work, you’ll build up a stockpile of wooden vials to sell. Although it requires some initial setup, the wooden vial turns out to be a profitable item that brings in a nice chunk of change.

Extra Tips- Explore and Sell

While selling crafted items is a great way to make money in the early game, exploring the Valley in Medieval Dynasty can offers even better opportunities. Keep an eye out for abandoned camps, barrels, sacks and wrecked vehicles as you explore the countryside.

These locations often hide valuable loot such as advanced equipment, weapons, seeds, etc. Fertilizer, alcohol, and luxury items. Take the time to explore these areas and collect the items you need for your village. Sell ​​the remaining items to vendors for significant profit.

Exploration not only provides financial benefits but also allows you to discover hidden treasures that can help your progress in the game.

In the early stages of a medieval dynasty, money played an important role in purchasing gear, tools, seeds, fertilizers, and other essential items. In addition, you will need money to pay your taxes. By selling the items mentioned in this article, you can quickly accumulate the money you need to set yourself up for even more lucrative ventures in the future.

While the listed methods may not make you rich instantly, they do serve as steppingstones towards more profitable opportunities. Remember to prioritize setting up your village and unlocking key buildings and tasks that increase your income potential. And don’t forget the importance of exploration.

So this is what all about The medieval dynasty money guide



1.What is the fastest way to make money in Medieval Dynasty?

Crafting and selling stone knives, collecting and selling feathers, crafting simple bags, making wooden spoons and vials, and exploring the countryside for valuable loot are the best ways to make money quickly in the early game.

  1. How important is money in Medieval Dynasty?

Money plays a crucial role in purchasing gear, tools, seeds, fertilizers, and other essential items, as well as paying your taxes. Without funds, it can be challenging to progress in the game.

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