How to Unlock Monkey Totem in Roots of Pacha


Welcome, Do You Play Roots of Pacha and looking for Ways to Unlock Monkey Totem in Roots of Pacha, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the details and instructions you need to Unlock Monkey Totem in Roots of Pacha. Follow the Steps down below Unlock Monkey Totem.

Exploring the Beach Cave

The Beach Cave is the place where you can find the Monkey Totem in Roots of Pacha. It is a cool location that offers a bunch of fun challenges. Here’s how you can get there and unlock the Monkey Totem:

  1. Get your tools ready- Before heading to the Beach Cave, make sure you have the right tools with you. Grab a sturdy pickaxe, a torch to light up dark places.
  2. Prepare for the adventure– Make sure your character is in good health and has enough energy. If you need to, eat some food to boost your energy levels before entering the cave.
  3. Find the entrance: Look for the entrance to the Beach Cave on the right side of the beach map.
  4. Time to explore: Once you’re inside the Beach Cave, take your time to explore the place. Look for hints, secret passages, and anything that might lead you to the Monkey Totem.
  5. Solve cave puzzles and face challenges: As you make your way through the Beach Cave, you’ll encounter puzzles and maybe even some enemies. Don’t worry, though! Use your brainpower and gaming skills to solve the puzzles and overcome any obstacles in your path.
  6. Discover the Monkey Totem: After solving the roots of pacha cave puzzles, you’ll finally find the Monkey Totem. Interact with it to solve puzzle.
  7. To complete the puzzle, follow these step-by-step instructions.
    1. Be cautious while jumping from one ledge to the next, as choosing the wrong jumping direction may result in falling into the water.
    2. Play the green xylophone and jump to the next island.
    3. Play the yellow flute and jump to the next island to the north.
    4. Jump to the right and down to the next island.
    5. Play the blue xylophone and go up where the new rock just rose.
    6. Play the green ocarina and return to the South-West, then head North.
    7. Play the blue xylophone and head West.
    8. Play the orange xylophone and head East, then South-East to reach the island with the ocarina. Jump again to the North and play the green ocarina.
    9. Proceed West and then head North to complete the puzzle.

Monkey Totem Offerings and Challenge

To unlock the Monkey Totem, you must present it with three different offerings. These offerings are following-

  • O (Left Slot): Fruit Juice
  • M (Middle Slot): Flour
  • X (Right Slot): Fermented Fish

Obtaining these items at the start of the game. To acquire them, players must unlock the Mortar and Pestle, Press, and Fermenter. Here’s how to obtain each offering.

  • Fermented Fish- Use the Fermenter to place any fish inside and wait for a few hours to get Fermented Fish.
  • Fruit Juice- Utilize the Press to make Fruit Juice using Tomatoes or Strawberries.
  • Flour- Grind Wheat or any type of grain using the Mortar and Pestle to produce Flour.

Once you choose your totem roots of pacha and have the offerings, present it to the Monkey Totem.

The Power of the Monkey Totem

The Monkey Totem is a really important item in Roots of Pacha. It’s like having a superpower. Let’s take a look at what makes it so special:

  1. Boost your abilities- Once you unlock the Monkey Totem, it will give your character awesome new abilities and skills. These abilities will help you become even better at the game and make it easier for you to tackle challenges.
  2. Interact with the game world- With the Monkey Totem, you will be able to interact with other characters, animals, and objects in the game in unique and exciting ways. This can lead to cool rewards, interesting conversations, and more fun adventures.


With the information I provided you, you can complete the puzzle and can unlock monkey totem.

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