How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft

Wither is famous for dropping nether stars which are used to make beacons but Wither does not spawn by itself in the Nether we have to summon Wither and for that, we have to know some facts about Wither.

The Wither is a Nether boss with incredibly high powers, which sets it apart from other mobs. Its immense strength and destructive abilities make it a formidable opponent, which requires careful preparation and strategy.

Its position as one of the second most powerful bosses in Minecraft (the first one is Ender Dragon) makes it a sought-after challenge for many players, but to kill Wither we first need to summon Wither, and then after we have to kill him for the nether star.

For spawning of wither, we required a wither skeleton skull which we can get by killing of wither skeleton found in a fortress in the nether. In this article, I will guide you through the process of spawning and defeating the wither, drawing from my own experience because I have defeated the wither soo many times in the game.

Where to find wither skeletons?

To find wither skeleton, one needs to locate a fortress. Because wither skeletons only spawn in fortresses and do you know piglins spawn in nether, which can be located by traveling along the x-axis in an east-to-west direction.

This is based on my personal experience.

I will share a graph that explains you and helps you to easily find the fortress.

How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft
How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft 1

As we can see when traveling from north to south for thousands of blocks, we still won’t find a fortress.

Here are some tips for you: If you build a Nether portal near your house, or even inside your house, you have a better chance of spawning directly in a Nether fortress. This has been my personal experience and I have found it to be a convenient way of teleporting directly to the fortress.

Obtain Wither Skeleton Skulls

Once you find a nether fortress we have two options first one is to build a wither skeleton farm or to find and kill the skeletons, but I am assuming that we are making 2-3 beacons so we don’t need farm we can kill skeletons for skull.

How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft
How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft 2
Note: The drop rate for a wither skeleton skull is very low, around 2.5%. To obtain one skull, we have to kill approximately 40 skeletons. However, if we use a sword with the Looting III enchantment, the drop rate doubles to 5.5%. Therefore, it is crucial to use Looting III to increase the drop rate.

Tips to find faster wither skeletons or tips to spawn faster them.

  • It’s important to cut off all sources of light, including lava and torches, as it can prevent skeletons from spawning.
  • Increase the width of the roads and remove walls for increasing spawning chances and wither skeletons can also spawn on the roof of the fortress.
  • There is a limit on the number of mobs that can spawn in an area known as spawn radius which I have discussed in detail in how to stop mobs from spawning. If the limit is reached, players can kill some of the mobs to make room for wither skeletons to spawn.
How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft
How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft 3

These are the tips that can increase the chance of finding your wither skeletons and after finding kill the skeletons to obtain the skull for summoning wither.

Spawn & Defeat The Wither

After collecting three wither skeleton skulls, we can summon the wither. However, there are important tips to consider before attempting to defeat it; otherwise, you will die in the game because the wither is too strong.


  1. Avoid summoning the wither in your main base: because the wither destroys any block that it gets touched and when you spawn in your main base it will fly and destroy the base with its blast.
  2. The wither can inflict a health-draining status effect that turns your heart bar black and transfers your health to the wither.
  3. Do not use Damage potions as it heals the wither boss.

To fight and defeat wither, there are certain items that you must have.

  • Highly enchanted netherite armor enchanted with Blast protection V in it.
  • A enchanted Bow with power v and Infinity for high dealing of damage (Both the enchantments are very important for defeating Wither)
  • foodstuffs that give more food points (for example take cooked steak and pork chops (Do not carry low food points giving food like watermelon and carrot)
  • Healing potions and Golden Apple are most important as they heal your health and get back to you to fight quickly like a potion of weakness.
  • Iron pickaxe and a shovel for digging some area to make a place for a fight.

Summoning Area

How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft
How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft 4

The summoning area of Wither must be dug out deep underground and try to maintain more distances from your building because Wither deals high damage to blocks leading to destroying your building.

Make a square structure as shown in the image. This structure contains the damage and blast from wither attacks while preventing them from flying.

Start mining a tunnel from the summoning area of 2×1 blocks.

The length of the tunnel depends on you because if you have all enchanted items like armor and sword then you don’t need a long tunnel but if you don’t have an enchanted one then you must build a little long tunnel.

Make sure to place the light like torches or lanterns in the tunnel to stop mobs from spawning in the tunnel.

How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft
How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft 5

We built this tunnel for hitting Wither as Wither cannot enter into it because the tunnel will be too small for Wither so it will start exploding blocks to get near to you and here you need your bow and sword to shoot and hit it.

NOTE: Make sure to bring a netherite sword and bow with the recommended enchantments. If you don't have them, the fight will be longer and you'll need to dig a longer tunnel.

Boss Fight

How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft
How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft 6

When you’re ready with these setups start making the structure of wither to spawn, First place the soul sand in the T shape shown in the image then place three wither skeleton skulls on top of the soul sand

How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft
How to Spawn And Defeat Wither in Minecraft 7

After placing the skulls, run away into the tunnel because the wither spawns with an explosion.

When the wither spawns, use your bow to hit it with arrows and continue hitting it only with arrows. until You see a black heart meter of the wither showing its health.

Once the health bar drops below 50%, it’s safe to use your sword to attack the sorrows. You can still attack the wither while hiding inside the tunnel and try to maintain a distance as much as possible.

The Wither has been defeated and you should now be able to see the Nether Star that has been dropped on the ground.

Demonstrating how to defeat Wither in a video explanation

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to perform this process practically.

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