How to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Stained glass is too easy to understand. These blocks are used for decorative purposes and to create the Minecraft house exterior and interior. You can obtain various types of stained glasses by using different dyes. Choose the dye according to you and your house’s surroundings to give it a smooth finish.

different types of stained glass
How to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft? 1

In this Minecraft guide, we are going to learn What a Glass Block is and how to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft. Ingredients required to craft stained glass blocks, and crafting recipes for stained glass

What is a Glass Block?

Glass blocks are very important blocks when it comes to decorating the windows and the interior of your Minecraft house or shelter. Mainly, Minecraft players use the glass blocks to keep an eye on the Villagers.

Many of the players create a different shelter for the Minecraft villagers to keep them protected from the Mobs. In that case, glass blocks play a crucial role. Glass blocks are transparent blocks from which the players can see through the other side, do you mobs cannot spawn in these blocks.

Ingredients Required to Craft a Stained Glass

Here is the list of the items to craft a stained glass block:-

  • 8 Glass Blocks
  • 1 Dye (of any color)

Glass Blocks: You can obtain glass blocks by placing Sand blocks into the Furnace with a fuel source (such as coal or wood). The furnace creates the Glass blocks by smelting the Sand blocks.

recipe of blue dye
How to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft? 2

Dye: You can obtain dyes of different colors by collecting flowers. Different colors of flowers will provide you with different colors of dye. You can easily locate flowers in your specific biomes. You can’t locate any flower in the Dessert biome, you can only get green dye from the Cactus in the Dessert region.

You have to place the Cactus on the furnace for the smelting process, doing this will reward you with green dye.

How to Craft Stained Glass?

To do so, follow the simple steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Open the crafting table

crafting table
How to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft? 3

Open the Crafting Table menu by left-click on it. Then you’ll see the grid of the Crafting Table as shown in the image shown above.

Step 2: Arrange the items on the crafting table

Arrange the Glass blocks and the dye in the 3*3 grid of the Crafting Table as shown in the image.

recipe of lime stained glass
How to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft? 4

3. Move the Stained Glass to your Inventory

lime stained glass in inventory
How to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft? 5

After placing the Glass blocks and Dye, simply drag it down to your inventory. Now you are ready to use the Stained Glass blocks for your house or the shelter of villagers.

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