How to Make an Observer In Minecraft

Observers are one of the most useful Redstone blocks in Minecraft Whether you’re a newbie or a pro player, every player needs an observer when they want to build any automatic farms or Redstone devices. In this article, We are going to know about how to craft an observer in Minecraft while also knowing the information related to it, like, what is an observer, and the crafting recipe of an observer.

Before we start let’s try to understand what an observer is. first, as it will build up a clear vision of what an observer is.

What is an observer?

How to Make an Observer In Minecraft
How to Make an Observer In Minecraft 1

Observers are the blocks that detect block changes or updates in their environment and send a signal of Redstone which causes a blink of a red light in the observers.

Having an observer can only be possible by crafting it, as Observers can only be crafted as these types of blocks that respond by Redstone do not occur naturally in the game except for some items like Redstone comparators or Redstone repeaters.

Observers are used in the complex mechanism of Redstone in which players use this block to innovate new Redstone mechanisms like AFK farms, Automatic doors and gates, and many more which I have discussed Later on in this article. Now you know What is an observer? are ready to know how to craft an observer, so let’s start crafting.

How to craft an observer in Minecraft

Crafting an observer is a very easy task, but first, we need some items before crafting and after collecting those items we can craft an observer let’s see what those items are and how we can craft an observer.

Items required

  1. Cobblestone × 6
  2. Nether quartz × 1
  3. Redstone x 2

Observer crafting recipe

Crafting an observer is a simple process that involves placing specific items on a crafting table in a particular order. To make it easier to understand, I have broken down the recipe into three steps. Let’s get started with the observer crafting recipe.

Step 1: Open the crafting table

open the crafting table as shown in the image below

crafting table
How to Make an Observer In Minecraft 2

Step 2: Place the items on the crafting table

Arrange 6 cobblestones, 2 Redstones, and 1 nether quartz in the order shown below the image on the crafting table.

How to Make an Observer In Minecraft
How to Make an Observer In Minecraft 3

Step 3: Collect the observer to our inventory

After placing the items into the crafting table in a pattern you will see an observer is crafted into the crafting table grid so you have to collect the observer to your inventory.

How to Make an Observer In Minecraft
How to Make an Observer In Minecraft 4

We have shown how easy to craft an observer. Now we can use it wherever we want to use it after crafting an observer, let us discuss some important uses of an observer.

Best uses of an observer

Observers are mainly used in Redstone mechanisms or AFK farms. In this discussion, we will highlight the most common and best uses for them, which you should try if you haven’t already.

There are various uses of observers, but I have listed 5 major uses.

  1. Automatic farms
  2. Redstone clocks
  3. Automatic doors and gates
  4. Hidden entrances
  5. Trap detection

These are all the uses of an observer that a Minecraft player practices, if you know more than that please let us know we will be glad to know more uses but for now it’s only 5 common and best, uses.

Troubleshooting And Tips

As a player, I have faced some problems and difficulties while using an observer. However, as I continued to use it, I gained clarity on its uses. In this regard, I would like to share the most common issues or problems that a player faces while using an observer.

As a player, you may encounter some common issues while using an observer block. However, there are ways to fix these problems. This troubleshooting guide aims to help you use the observer block more effectively and easily.

  1. Orientation
  2. Redstone signal length
  3. Blocks updating issue

Orientation: While using an observer place the observer’s face in that direction or that direction of that block in which you want to trigger changes or updates for the Redstone signal. And the back is to observe The Redstone signal caused by updates.

Redstone signal length: Sometimes redstone signals produced by an observer are not enough for you to use, so it’s better to amplify the signal using a Redstone repeater.

Blocks updating issue: If the observer is not deducting block updates, then check the block on which you are trying to detect the block updates. because some of the blocks do not trigger updates when they change or update or maybe it can be from a bug just like turtles despawn by a simple bug but Mojang has fixed it now.


In this article, we have discussed an observer, how to create an observer, how it functions, and some troubleshooting tips for observers. With this information, you should have all the necessary details to create and use an observer. We hope that this article has been helpful to you.

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