How to make a shield in Minecraft?

A shield can be the most valuable item in Minecraft. Even if you do not have armor you can also survive with the shield. Shield plays a major role in your Minecraft Defence Mechanism.

The shield protects a player from all kinds of mob attacks like ghast, pigmen, zombies, skeletons, and when the creepers explode to kill you and so on.

You can also enchant and decorate the shield when you need it. To make the best of the best, You must add these two enchantments.

Best Enchantments for your Shield

The two enchantments you can apply to upgrade your shield to the next level are:-

  • Mending: This can be the best and rare enchantment for a Minecraft player. Mending enchantment in Minecraft goes hand-in-hand with the Elytras and Shield.

The process of Mending is relatively easy to understand. It uses the experience points obtained from killing mobs to repair enchanted equipment with Mending.

  • Unbreaking: This enchantment can be beneficial for all of your Armor, Weapons, Shield, and Elytras. The Unbreaking enchantment consists of three different variants:
    • Unbreaking I
    • Unbreaking II
    • Unbreaking III

The purpose of this enchantment is to increase the durability of the item enchanted with Unbreaking. All three variants of Unbreaking have the same ability, but I would prefer to use Unbreaking III for the greater good of yours.

Ingredients Required to Make a Shield

You only need two ingredients to craft a shield. These items are easy to find and use.

Here is the list of the ingredients to craft a shield:-

  • Wooden Planks
  • Iron Ingot

Wooden Planks: Finding wooden planks is a simple task that can be accomplished by searching in different locations.

Oak wood is particularly easy to find as it can often be located at your Spawn point. Once you have acquired the wood, you can convert it into planks by crafting on a Crafting Table.

How to make a shield in Minecraft?
How to make a shield in Minecraft? 1

Iron Ingots: You can look for Iron while mining 6 or 8 blocks below the Dirt level. Mining Iron Ore will provide you with raw Iron. To convert Raw Iron to Iron Ingots, you have to place your raw iron into the furnace or blast furnace to save time.

How to make a Shield?

To do so, follow the simple steps mentioned below:-

Open your Crafting Table

crafting table
How to make a shield in Minecraft? 2

Open the Crafting Table menu by left-click on it. Then you’ll see the grid of the Crafting Table as shown in the image shown above.

Place the items in the Crafting Table Grid

How to make a shield in Minecraft?
How to make a shield in Minecraft? 3

After gathering all the ingredients required to craft a Shield, place them in the Crafting Table similarly as shown in the image given below.

Move the Dropper to your off-hand slot

How to make a shield in Minecraft?
How to make a shield in Minecraft? 4

You’ll see a Shield on the crafting table after placing all the items, drag it down to your off-hand slot to use it. Now you are ready to use your Shield in your fabulous builds.

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