How To Make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft

Do you know about a block in Minecraft known as a respawn anchor? well if you don’t know I’ll tell you what is a respawn anchor and how to make a respawn anchor. Resawn anchor was first introduced in-game at Java Edition 1.16 “Nether Update

Resawn anchor looks like a block that is made of dark purple and blue crying obsidian. It has three small, glowing, light-blue circles on its face, emits a dim light, and its texture has streaks of purplish hue and blue all over it.

Respawn anchors can be used to spawn in the nether or set your spawn point in the nether and are super useful for respawning when you die In the nether.

All these stuff you can do with a respawn anchor but first, you need a respawn anchor and I have written a guide on how you can craft a respawn anchor.

How To Make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft

Crafting a respawn anchor is a very easy task but the items required in crafting are tough because the items can only be found in the nether.

Items required for crafting Respawn anchor

  1. 6 Crying obsidian
  2. 3 Glowstone

1. Crying obsidian

Crying obsidian is a very rare block found in Minecraft but you can get it by bartering with piglins found in the nether for bartering with piglins you have to wear golden armor because if you don’t wear golden armor then they will attack you, so better wear the golden armor and then go in front of piglins for trade.

2. Glowstone

Glowstone is a common block found in the Nether, which emits light. It can be found on the Nether ceiling and is easy to spot due to its abundance.

Crafting recipe of Respawn anchor

Now you have all the items required to make a respawn anchor, so let’s start crafting it. The crafting recipe will be in steps, so it’s better to follow these simple steps as mentioned.

1. Open crafting table

To craft a respawn anchor, you need to place a crafting table on the ground and open it. The crafting grid will be displayed just like shown below in the image.

crafting table
How To Make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft 1

2. Add The Respawn Anchor Items To The Crafting table

Place 6 crying obsidian and 3 glowstones on the crafting table as shown in the image.

How To Make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft
How To Make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft 2

3. Move The Respawn Anchor To Your Inventory

After correctly placing the required items in the crafting table, you should see a respawn anchor in the result slot below the crafting grid. You can then move the respawn anchor to your inventory and it will be crafted.

How To Make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft
How To Make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft 3


The use of a respawn anchor is very simple. Players use it to set their respawn point in the Nether. When a player is defeated by a mob and gets killed, they will automatically spawn at the location where they have placed the respawn anchor.

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