How To Make A Redstone Comparator

The Redstone comparator is a Redstone device just like a Redstone Repeater, but the Redstone comparator and Redstone repeater are two different things in terms of users and crafting. In this article, we will discuss how to make a Redstone comparator.

Before going to craft a redstone comparator, let’s discuss what a redstone comparator and, and then I will explain to you how to craft a redstone comparator and its best uses of a redstone comparators.

What is a redstone comparator?

A Redstone comparator is a Redstone device, which a player uses for two purposes. The first one is to compare the input signals and the second purpose is to subtract the input signals and trigger a specific signal.

Redstone comparators look like three miniature redstone torches are placed on the top of a stone slab where the 3rd torch is used to switch between the modes.

How To Make A Redstone Comparator

Redstone comparator has two modes

  1. Comparison mode
  2. Subtraction mode

Comparison mode: In comparison mode. Redstone comparators measure the fullness of a container, such as a hopper’s chest, under a chest or furnace. And after comparing the quantity it emits a redstone signal based on the quantity of the item present in the container.

How To Make A Redstone Comparator
How To Make A Redstone Comparator 1

Subtraction mode: In Subtraction Mode, the Redstone Comparator calculates the overall signal strength by reading the input signal and emits a special Redstone signal strength, which can be used to trigger some Redstone mechanisms.

How To Make A Redstone Comparator
How To Make A Redstone Comparator 2

How to make a Redstone comparator

Crafting Redstone comparators is way easier than understanding its complex usage. For crafting a Redstone Comparator, we need some items that are listed here with their locations mentioned where to get these items.

  1. 3 Redstone Torch
  2. 1 Nether quartz
  3. 3 Stone blocks

Redstone Comparator Recipe

The Redstone comparator recipe is very easy. We have to place three Redstone torches, one leather quad, and three stone slabs for it. I have made the Redstone comparator recipe in three very simple steps.

Step 1: Open Crafting Table

crafting table
How To Make A Redstone Comparator 3

Step 2: Arrange items on the Crafting table

How To Make A Redstone Comparator
How To Make A Redstone Comparator 4

Step 3: Move Redstone Comparator to your Inventory

How To Make A Redstone Comparator
How To Make A Redstone Comparator 5

After crafting the Redstone comparator, let’s discuss the best uses of the Redstone comparator.

Best uses of Redstone Comparator

Redstone comparators are used to calculate the input signals coming from various components or blocks, Redstone comparators are mainly used for calculating the signal strength of circuits, and mechanics, The redstone comparators can also be used for automation, like automatic farms.

The uses of Redstone Comparator, totally dependent upon a player But as a player, I have listed the most common and best uses of Redstone Comparator that a player can use Redstone Comparator in those devices or contraptions.

  • Signal Strength Measurement
  • Pulse Extenders
  • Signal Strength Logic
  • Item Sorting Systems
  • Redstone comparator clock
  • Signal Amplification

These are the 6 best users of a Redstone comparator. After knowing the best users of the Redstone comparator let’s discuss troubleshooting


Troubleshooting Is those issues or problems that a player faces while using these blocks, In the context of Minecraft, troubleshooting could involve figuring out why a Redstone contraption using a Redstone comparator isn’t working as intended and then taking steps to address and solve the problem.

There are nearly five reasons why a Redstone Comparator is not working properly or stopped working.

  1. Orientation.
  2. Redstone power
  3. Input signal strength
  4. Mode Setting
  5. Interference

These are the 5 issues that a player faces while using a Redstone comparator.


The Redstone comparator or Redstone device, which is used to calculate or subtract delayed stone signal strength, is mainly used in the Redstone circuit and has already been discussed. how do craft a Redstone comparator and use it? and also have told you what are the common issues that a player faces and listed your troubled shoots. I hope this article has helped you with everything you wanted to know about Redstone comparators.

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