How to Get Roots of Pacha Meat in In Easy Ways

roots of pacha Meat

In Roots of Pacha, you need meat to survive and progress in the game. If you are looking to how to get roots of pacha meat, then you are at right place.  In this article, I have written how to get meat in very easy ways in roots of pacha. You can trade with Grob, go fishing, domesticate animals, or craft meat. Let’s explore each method and some tips.

Ways to Get Roots of Pacha Meat

Here are the information of roots of pacha meat. and How you can get it.

Trade with Grob

Grob is a hunter who sets up a shop in the Savanah after you complete the “A New Friend” quest. He sells different types of meat like beef, chicken, and pork. Trading with Grob can give you discounts on his goods and item.

Fish in the Right Places

You can catch fish in rivers and lakes. Fish can be cooked and eaten, while others can be used to make fertilizer. Salmon are usually found in rivers, while trout are more common in lakes.

Domesticate Animals

Once you unlock the “Animal Husbandry” skill, you can tame animals like chickens, cows, and pigs. These animals will produce meat as they grow.

Craft Meat

By combining meat with ingredients like herbs and spices, you can create different types of food such as sausages and jerky.

Tips for Getting Meat in Roots of Pacha

  • Trade with Grob regularly to build a relationship and get discounts.
  • Fish in the right places to find specific fish species.
  • Choose animals like chickens and cows for better meat production.
  • Experiment with different recipes to find ones you enjoy.


Q: Can I get meat from other sources?

The methods mentioned in this article are the main ways to get meat in Roots of Pacha.

Q: How can I get discounts when trading with Grob? 

By trading with Grob frequently and building a relationship with him, you increase your chances of getting discounts on his meat products.

Q: Where can I find specific fish species?

Salmon are usually found in rivers, while trout prefer lakes. Fishing in these areas increases your chances of catching them.

Q: Which animals produce more meat?

Chickens and cows are known for their higher meat yields compared to other animals.

Q: Are there different types of food I can craft with meat?

Yes, by combining meat with herbs and spices, you can create various dishes like sausages and jerky.


In Roots of Pacha, you have multiple options for obtaining meat. You can trade with Grob, fish in the right places, domesticate animals, or craft meat, there’s a method that suits your playstyle. Remember to experiment and enjoy the culinary journey within the game,

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