How to get Prismarine crystals in minecraft?

Prismarine Crystals are one of the rare items which are found in Minecraft and are hard to find. Prismarine crystals are hard to find because prismarine crystals cannot be crafted or baked on furnaces, just like iron ingot by iron ore. Prismarine crystals Are hard to find because pismarine crystals are only found in ocean monuments or deep underwater ruins.

Prismarine crystals Look like a blue-green crystal broken into three pieces, and it is only used to make sea lanterns when combined with prismarine shards into the crafting table. In this article, I will guide you through everything about prismarine Crystal, including what a prismarine crystal is. How to get prismarine crystal and the uses of a prismarine crystal in very depth so Let’s start.

What are prismarine crystals?

Prismarine Crystals are one of the rare items found in Minecraft, It is used to craft sea lanterns, They are very rare items found under the water in ocean monuments or ruins. There are four ways to get a prismarine crystal in Minecraft. All of the ways are discussed further in this article A prismarine Crystal looks like three broken crystals are placed in a grid And the colors of each of the crystals are blue-green.

How to get Prismarine crystals in Minecraft

There are a total of four ways by which we can get Prismarine Crystals, and all of the ways are mentioned below, and every way has been discussed in detail further.

  • Defeating Guardian / Elder Guardian
  • Breaking a sea lantern
  • Under-buried treasure
  • Using commands

Defeating Guardian / Elder Guardian

guardian and elder guardian in ocean monument
How to get Prismarine crystals in minecraft? 1

Guardians and Elder Guardians are one of the rarest and most dangerous hostile mobs of Minecraft. They attack the predators (players) when their monument is attacked or looted. They are the creatures of Minecraft only found in the Ocean monuments. The ocean monuments consist of gold blocks, sea lanterns, and some sponges.

The Guardians and Elder Guardians have a special ability, from which they will leave you with an effect called Mining Fatigue. Mining Fatigue leaves you with an effect, from which you lose your mining strength and ability.

To obtain fabulous loot of the Ocean monument, you must defeat the Guardians and Elder guardians. Use the sword with the Knockback enchantment, as it will allow you to move the guardians a few blocks away from you.

Breaking a Sea Lantern

How to get Prismarine crystals in minecraft?
How to get Prismarine crystals in minecraft? 2

The Sea Lantern is created from Prismarine crystals and shards, that’s why the drop prismarine shards and sometimes prismarine crystals when being destroyed. After gathering the Prismarine shards and some crystals you can also craft the Sea Lantern which later you can use for the decoration of your house, castle, or shelter.

Under-Buried Treasure

Under-buried treasures can’t be found normally on the ground or above any hill/ ravines. To reach the treasure first, you have to get a buried treasure map. To obtain the buried treasure maps there are four ways-

  • Dungeons
  • Mineshafts
  • Dessert Temples
  • Cartographer

We have already covered how to find dungeons, mineshafts, and dessert temples in Best Ways to Find Mob Spawner

How to get Prismarine crystals in minecraft?
How to get Prismarine crystals in minecraft? 3

Cartographer: You can easily find a cartographer in a village. If your village does not have any, then you can give the job of the Cartographer to a villager by placing the Cartography table in front of him. After placing the Cartography table, you’ll notice that the normal villager is now converted into a Cartographer.

Make sure to reach the Master level of the Cartographer by trading paper. Doing so will lead you to be rewarded with different maps like Buried-Treasure, Woodland Mansion, and Ocean Monument maps.

By following the map you can reach down to your buried treasure. The closer you'll get to the treasure the larger the pointer will get.

Commands to get Prismarine Crystals

If you don’t get any prismarine crystals by following these steps, then you can easily obtain them by using the commands. Before using the commands, ensure that Cheats are allowed in your Minecraft world. To enter the command follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Press T to enter any specific command.
  • Type the command.
  • Type /give P minecraft:prismarine_crystals 1.
  • Press Enter to process your command.

Now after pressing Enter, you’ll notice the prismarine crystal has appeared in your inventory. If you want more than one then change the value. For example:- If you want 21 Prismarine crystals, then type /give P minecraft:prismarine_crystals 21.


We all know how important the Prismarine Crystals are to craft a Sea Lantern. The purpose of the Sea Lantern is to give our Minecraft house or shelter a finishing look. Talking about this article, we have covered different ways in which you can obtain the Sea Lantern. Following this guide on Prismarine Crystals will lead you to accomplish your target of crafting Sea Lantern very effortlessly and easily.

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