How to get obsidian in the roots of Pacha

how to get obsidian in roots of pacha,flint in roots of pacha

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Welcome to Roots of Pacha. Are you looking for a guide on how to get Obsidian in roots of Pacha. Obsidian is a valuable material that can be used to craft powerful tools and weapons. In this article, I will help to get obsidian easily in the roots of Pacha.

Unlocking the Owl Totem Puzzle

To begin your quest for Obsidian, you need to unlock the Owl Totem puzzle. This puzzle grants you the ability to transform into an owl, allowing you to explore new areas and uncover secrets. Solve the puzzle and complete the necessary tasks.

Exploring the Deeper Parts of the Cave

Once you have unlocked the Owl Totem puzzle, it’s time to go into the depths of the Cave. This is where you will find the Obsidian.

Discovering A Very Dark Room

As you explore the Cave, you’ll come across a room called A Very Dark Room. It’s a challenging place to navigate because it’s so dark. But your newly acquired Owl power allows you to see in the darkness.

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how to get obsidian in roots of Pacha of: Finding Obsidian in the Room

In the room next to A Very Dark Room, you’ll find Obsidian! It’s an amazing resource that you can mine using a Flint Hammer. Swing your hammer and collect the shiny black rocks.

Mining Obsidian with a Flint Hammer

To mine Obsidian, equip yourself with a Flint Hammer and go near the Obsidian deposits. The Flint Hammer is your trusty tool for gathering this remarkable material. Be careful though, the hammer has limited durability, so make sure to always keep an extra one or two in your inventory.

How To Get Obsidian in Roots of Pacha

Alternative Way to Obtain Obsidian

Don’t have a Flint Hammer yet? No worries! There’s another way to get Obsidian. By destroying normal rocks, you might stumble upon some Obsidian. It’s a slower process, but it’s still a way to collect this valuable resource without a Flint Hammer. However, it’s highly recommended to get a Flint Hammer as soon as possible for more efficient mining.

Crafting Tools and Weapons with Obsidian

Once you have a good amount of Obsidian, you can start crafting some amazing and powerful tools and weapons.  Example-

  • Obsidian Axe

    : Chop down trees like a pro with this powerful axe.

  • Obsidian Knife

    : Perfect for hunting and gathering resources in a flash.

  • Obsidian Spear

    : Defend yourself against foes and become a true warrior.

  • Obsidian Arrowheads

    : Enhance your archery skills with these deadly arrowheads.

Advantages of Obsidian Tools and Weapons

Obsidian tools and weapons are a game-changer. They are much stronger and more durable than Flint’s tools and weapons. This means you can gather resources faster, defend yourself better, and make your journey through Roots of Pacha more exciting. With Obsidian by your side, you will be unstoppable.

Tips for Obtaining Obsidian

Here are a few tips to help you on your quest for Obsidian.

  • Stock up on Flint Hammers

    : Since mining Obsidian can wear out your tools quickly, it’s a good idea to have plenty of Flint Hammers in your inventory. Stay prepared!

  • Finding Obsidian without a Flint Hammer

    : If you haven’t found a Flint Hammer yet, you can still discover Obsidian by destroying normal rocks. It takes longer, but it’s a temporary solution until you acquire a Flint Hammer.


Congratulations! You now know how to obtain Obsidian and use it to craft powerful tools and weapons in Roots of Pacha. Remember, this remarkable material is a valuable asset that will greatly enhance your gameplay experience. So, gear up, venture into the Cave, and embrace the power of Obsidian!


1. How do I unlock the Owl Totem puzzle?

To unlock the Owl Totem puzzle, follow the game’s main storyline and complete the tasks and quests assigned to you. Keep progressing, and you’ll reach the mystery in no time!

2. Can I find Obsidian in the early game?

No, Obsidian is usually found in the deeper parts of the Cave, which become accessible as you advance further into the game.

3. Are Obsidian tools and weapons durable?

Yes, Obsidian tools and weapons are much more durable than Flint tools and weapons. They’ll last longer, allowing you to accomplish more without constantly worrying about repairs.

4. Can Obsidian tools and weapons be repaired?

Unfortunately, Obsidian tools and weapons cannot be repaired once they break or wear out. However, their increased durability makes them worthwhile investments.

5. What other resources are valuable in Roots of Pacha?

Aside from Obsidian, other valuable resources in Roots of Pacha include Flint, wood, animal hides, bones, and various plants. Keep an eye out for these resources as they’ll be helpful throughout your journey.

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