How To Get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

Mushroom blocks are essential in Minecraft for both food and these are white decoration blocks as well. However, if you are looking for how to get mushroom blocks in Minecraft Read till the end to know. mushroom blocks cannot be crafted like all blocks in the game.

To obtain the block of mushrooms, we need an axe with silk touch enchantment on it. It is important to understand that mushroom blocks cannot be crafted and can only be obtained with the silk touch enchanted axe; otherwise, if you break the huge mushroom, it will break down into mushroom stew, but you need them in blocks.

How To Get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

We can get mushroom blocks by cutting them but for cutting mushroom blocks first we need to grow the mushrooms and after that, we will cut them.

How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft [brown, red]

It is not possible to harvest mushrooms in sunlight. Additionally, if you try to plant mushrooms, they won’t grow unless they are in a special environment. In this article, I will explain how to create a suitable environment for growing mushroom blocks in 3 simple steps.


Step 1 -Make sure to construct a shaded 9×9 structure with a closed roof before planting the mushroom.

mushroom planting structure 1 How To Get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

Step 2 – Now place the mushroom under the structure you made. Break a block just above the mushroom to give the mushroom a way to grow.

mushroom planting 2 How To Get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

Step 3 – Use bonemeal on the mushroom to grow the brown mushroom.

mushroom tree 1 How To Get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

After growing mushrooms, we can now chop them as mushroom blocks. To do this, we require a silk touch enchanted axe, as cutting them without it will only yield individual mushrooms. Therefore, to obtain the mushroom blocks, we need the enchanted axe.

chopping the mushrooms

Mushroom chopping 3 1 How To Get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

As I mentioned, harvesting mushrooms is one thing, but cutting them to obtain mushroom blocks requires a special enchantment known as Silktouch on your axe. Without Silktouch, you will only get an ordinary mushroom. To get mushroom blocks, we need to obtain Silktouch first, and then we can cut the mushrooms to get our desired blocks.

How to get red mushroom blocks in Minecraft

red Mushroom chopping 1 1 How To Get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

To obtain Red mushrooms, we only need to chop the red mushrooms using a silk touch enchanted axe.

How to get mushroom blocks in minecraft without silk touch

We can obtain mushroom blocks without using silktouch by using commands. The commands that I listed below have to be entered in the chat section of the Game for taking mushrooms.


/give @p red_mushroom_block 1

/give @p brown_mushroom_block 1

/give @p mushroom_stem 1

You can adjust the number according to your need and replace it with any number as per your requirement.

Where to find mushroom blocks minecraft

To find mushrooms, we can search in dark forests or mushroom islands for it or, we can use commands to locate the mushrooms, To locate the location of the mushrooms island, I have listed the command and. I can guide you on how to use these commands to get the coordinates of the mushroom island.


/locate biomes mushrooms_island For Minecraft pocket edition

/locate biome minecraft:mushroom_fields For Minecraft Java edition

What can you do with mushroom blocks in Minecraft

When you use mushroom blocks in a composter, you can obtain bone meal.

Mushroom blocks can be used to produce bass sounds when placed under noteblocks.

Mushroom blocks can be used in Decoration because their color comes under white blocks in Minecraft


The best way to obtain mushroom blocks is by harvesting or creating a mushroom farm. This will provide you with both red and brown mushrooms, but it may take some time. However, if you don’t want to go through this process, you can use cheats by entering commands which I have already provided in this article.

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