How to Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep PS4

How To Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep (1)

How to Break Stone Deposit in Stranded Deep in PS4

Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep PS4
How to Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep PS4 1

Stranded Deep is a survival game where players find themselves on a remote island with very limited resources. Are you looking for How to Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep PS4.

In this blog post, I will guide you through the process of breaking stone deposits in Stranded Deep on PS4

Craft a Refined Pick To break stone deposits, you will need a specialized tool called a Refined Pick. This tool can be made using the following materials.


      • 2x Leather

      • 1x Stick

      • 2x Stone Tools

    Ensure that you have gathered the required materials and access the crafting menu to create your Refined Pick. This tool will help you breaking stone deposits efficiently.

    Equip Refined Pick Once you have crafted the Refined Pick, access your inventory and equip it.

    Approach the Stone Deposit. Locate the stone deposit on the island or nearby islands you are exploring.

    Break the Stone Deposit. Stand close to the stone deposit and begin hitting it repeatedly with your Refined Pick. Hit the deposit in the center. The number of hits required will depend on your Harvesting Level. It will take a few hits to break the deposit.

    Collect the Resources As the stone deposit breaks, small pieces of Stone will fall to the ground. Walk over them to collect the stones.

    Tips for Breaking Stone Deposits


        1. Make sure you have a high Harvesting Level. The higher your Harvesting Level, the fewer hits it will take to break a stone deposit.
        2. Use a Refined Pick. Always choose the Refined Pick for maximum effectiveness because A Refined Pick will break stone deposits faster than a Crude Pick or a Stone Tool.
        3. Hit the deposit in the center. The center of the deposit is the weakest point, so hit it There to break it faster.




      By following the steps outlined in this blog post, from crafting a Refined Pick to hitting the stone deposit until it breaks, you will gather small pieces of Stone. Remember to increase your Harvesting Level before breaking the stone.
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