Godwyn in Elden ring

Who is Godwyn in Elden ring

Godwyn in Elden ring

Godwyn the Golden was America’s first child, born to her and Godfrey, the First Odin Lord. He was pretty much the apple of America’s eye, with long golden hair just like his mother. Details about his childhood are sparse, but it’s only when he starts to befriend the dragons that his past comes into light.

At some point in the distant past, probably in the Age of Urgery when the Golden Order’s influence was strongest and hence presented the biggest threat to the dragons, those at scale, the ones attacked Lane Dell.

It’s here that Godwin met Fortesacks, who was able to wield red lightning as one of the powerful ancient stone-scaled dragons.

During this battle, as described in the Lightning Spear Incantation, Godwin the Golden defeated Fortesacks. Instead of sowing discord between the two, Godwin’s martial prowess was so enthralling that a mutual respect developed between the adversaries, with Godwin ending up befriending his fallen foe.

Godwyn’s Corpse and Fortissax

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From this point forth, Fortissax and Godwin were close and together established the Dragon Cult in the capital. Godwin evidently respected and was impressed by Fortesacks, as otherwise, I don’t think he would have been such a proud member of this dragon cult.

“Cult” by the way doesn’t mean that it was a bad thing or something taboo; it’s simply what it’s called in the game, and I’ll explain more about it in just a bit.

Such was the bond between the demigod and the dragon that Godwin was even taught how to channel golden lightning and use it on the battlefield.

As lightning is the purview of dragons and is their most powerful weapon, the knowledge of how to harness it is not only precious but must be something that’s only bestowed upon their most trusted allies because they’re sure they’re not going to use it against them.

Godwin and Fortesacks were inseparable. The Dragon Cult was created with the help of Fortesacks’s sister Lanso.

Who killed godwyn ?

GODWYN i Godwyn in Elden ring

Godwyn was murdered by Newman assassins and Rani. You can find a more detailed account of that night in my Rani video, but the big thing you need to know is that Godwin was the first demigod that had ever died in the Lands Between.

This is because death wasn’t really a thing since Marika removed the Rune of Destined Death from the Elden Ring. Destined Death is the final death for all things and basically the ability for creatures to die. Usually, souls touched by grace are absorbed back into the Urgery and reincarnated, but not anymore.

America did this to make herself and her children immortal out of fear of losing the things she treasured most in the entire world.

Rani’s plot initiated the shattering, but that’s not the topic of this video, so I’m not going to go into much more depth about it. All you need to know is that Marika loved Godwin so much that his assassination pushed her to the very brink.

When she heard of his death, everything around her fell apart, and in her grief, she shattered the very Elden Ring that she had altered to secure her child’s immortality.

Where is the Godwyn’s body buried

godwyn body location

Godwyn’s body was buried in the Er tree’s roots but deep under Stormville Castle. Other parts of his flesh appeared as what Sorcerer Roger calls a sacred relic, as the roots of the Urgery can be found throughout the Lands Between. I think he appeared in Stormville by somehow using the roots of the Urgery to move, but I’m not entirely sure how, though. The post-mortem of demigods is something I would like to know more about, however, so if you have some details that might explain this, then please let me know in the comments below.

Godwin wasn’t the only one who died that night, as other demigods also perished and became soulless. Their remains were buried in giant wandering mausoleums, but decked with bells which constantly rang out in mourning for the deceased demigods.

Mausoleum soldiers and knights even voluntarily beheaded themselves so they could serve these demigods in death and can be found protecting these mausoleums while eerily lacking a head. I’ve tried to find out more details about these dead demigods, like their names, but so far, I’ve had no luck, so if you got any clue about who they are, again, let me know in the comments below.

Godwin was no longer Godwin. I mean, he was, but now he was also the Prince of Death. Fortesacks tried to save his friend Godwin from his fate, but in his battle against death, he was corrupted and became a lich dragon under Stormvale.

Godwin’s facial flesh corrupted and grew, producing cysts and sullied amber, which was the distorted sap of the Er tree. In some way, the Er tree did try to protect Godwin in his death, as an ulcerated tree spirit appears when you first approach his body under Stormvale.

This might have been death root’s corruption embodied within a spirit or a random occurrence, but personally, I like to think that the Er tree was guarding Godwin’s remains with the Rune of Death freed from its shackles. It soon spread from Godwin’s corrupted corpse through the Lands Between and the roots of the Great Tree, the progenitor of the Urgery.

It didn’t take long for it then to sprout into death root, whoever comes into contact with death through it turns into those who live in death, which are beings that can’t die or return to the Er tree, and so they lead a cursed wandering existence.

Who is Myquella in elden ring

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Mykola was one of the few demigods who didn’t give up on his half-brother Godwin. The Golden Epitaph Sword was made by Nichola’s skillful hand to commemorate Godwin’s death. It’s blade is infused with the humble prayer of a young boy, namely Mikala, who prays, “Oh brother lord, brother please die a true death.

” That prayer would never come to fruition. Mikala didn’t stop there. He entreated the Lord of Castle Soul to revive Godwin using the power of the sun. The plan was for their prayers to “swallow the sun in an eclipse,” and while it was covered, the sun’s power would be harvested and somehow channeled to grant life to Godwin’s soulless bones below. It didn’t work. The spirit on top of Castle Soul laments their failure, but despite that, Millicent says that Mikala still rewarded him with a Halegatry Medallion.

Next, it would be Fear, the Deathbed Companion, who would take on the mantle of responsibility to raise Godwin’s soul from death.

As a Deathbed Companion, Fear receives the warmth and vigor from a number of champions by laying with them, then channels this vitality when she lays with the remains of an exalted noble, by passing that vitality onto the remains, she grants the noble another chance at life.

She’s kind of a necromancer, essentially skimming off life from powerful champions and thus becoming a vessel that can reanimate the dead in a good way. Having found solace in Round Table Hulled after being exiled from her home, Fear finds out about Godwin and decides that she wants to bring him back to life.

She says this is so he can “take his rightful place as the first of the dead and claim a second illustrious life as the lord of the many and the meek.” For Fear, this is an empowering gesture, with her having the power to choose to lie with Godwin of her own will, instead of lying with the remains of a noble who’s been assigned to her.

Pursuing her quest in Elden Ring culminates in the Dusker-born ending, where you reunite the two curse marks which are the runes carved in Rani’s and Godwin’s flesh on the night of the Black Knives, to create the Mending Rune of the Death Prince and embed it within the Elden Ring, thus bringing death back to the Lands Between.

By doing this, Fear says that you stay the persecution of those who live in death by becoming their Elden Lord. All she really wants is for those who live in death to be able to exist in peace and to bring death back to the Lands Between, as well as resuscitating Godwin, who in her mind will become the Golden Prince

Ancient dragons

Ancient dragon elden ring Godwyn in Elden ring

Now, this whole worshiping ancient dragons thing might seem heretical, as if the Golden Order would object to it, but according to the law, it’s not. It’s written that the worship of ancient dragons does not conflict with belief in the Urgery. After all, the Gravelord Stone Seal says that lightning is imbued with gold, and gold is the signifier of the Golden Order and the influence of the Greater Will. So by worshiping dragons, it sounds like you’re still worshiping the Greater Will by proxy. It’s also worth bearing in mind that in the distant past, Dragonlord Placido Sax was also an Elden Lord themselves, so clearly dragons and the Greater Will aren’t incompatible.

By all signs, Godwin was beloved by his people. He was given the moniker “Godwin the Golden,” and that’s not the kind of name you give someone you’re not too fond of. Considering Godwin was a champion son of the goddess Queen America the Eternal and had bought not just peace but friendship with the dragons, it’s no wonder that people took a shine to him. I haven’t come across any accounts of him doing anything nefarious so far, which doesn’t mean Godwin was perfect, but it does indicate that if there were any shady goings-on, they were kept secret. Perhaps it’s this adoration that made Godwyn a target on the night of the Black Knives.


That’s the lore and origins of Godwin the Golden, his life and death, and Fear’s involvement explained.

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