Does Silk Touch Work On Spawners?

If you’re a Minecraft player and thinking of what is a silktouch, how to get a silktouch, and most importantly Does Silk Touch Work On Spawners? Then luckily you’re at the right place I have written everything with my experience and expertise about the game.

Silktouch is an enchantment in Minecraft, that allows The player to get the same block that he is mining instead of their normal drops. For example, if you enchant your pickaxe with silk touch and then after you mine the stone It will drop stone only instead of cobblestone. (cobblestone is a normal drop when mined without being enchanted by Silktouch)

Can we use Silk Touch for pickup spawners

No, we cannot pick up spawners by using silk touch.

Spawners can’t be picked up by any other tools or enchantments as these blocks are specifically designed in a way that a player cannot use the spawners just like other normal blocks. If you try to break the spawners it will break but without dropping any spawner behind it.

Bonus Tip

If you want to get XP instead of spawners, then breaking spawners using a pickaxe (iron, gold, diamond, or netherite pickaxe) is the option only.

Note – Do not use a wooden pickaxe and a stone pickaxe as it will not drop any XP.

The spawner will drop XP ranging from 15 to 43, which can be used to enchant your tools like repairing bow.

What silk touch does

After enchanting with Silktouch, Silk Touch allows you To obtain the block in its original form, we can have the block as it looks not its raw form or nuggets.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have two iron pickaxes. The first pickaxe is unenchanted, and the second one is enchanted with Silk Touch.

Now, if you break a diamond ore block with the first pickaxe (unenchanted), you will only get a diamond, which is what a diamond ore block usually drops.

However, if you break the same diamond ore block with the second pickaxe (enchanted with Silk Touch), then you will get the entire diamond ore block, not just a diamond. This means that you can carry the diamond ore block anywhere you want, unlike the diamond which is a single item.

Silktouch cannot be used for picking up spawners as it doesn't work on them.

How to get silk touch

Four methods exist in Minecraft for getting silk touch and I have listed all four methods with detailed information on How to get silk touch by these methods


  1. Trade with villagers (Suggested)
  2. Enchantment table (Suggested)
  3. Commands
  4. Fishing

These are methods by which a layer can get Silk touch.

Trade with villagers

The best way to get silk touch is by trading with villagers which I strongly recommend this involves many things not only your silk touch but your relations with the villagers and for that first, you need to find a village and visit and if you’re already near to the village then go to the village, find a librarian which looks like the image mentioned below

I literally just realized the librarian villager has a book on his head, I always thought it was a beret or something : r/Minecraft


After finding the librarian go and try to trade with him and check what he is offering, sometimes if a player is too lucky then the librarian gives silk touch at first trade only but the majority of players don’t have that luck lol! So I have a second method that nearly every Minecraft veteran knows and after this, you will also get to know.

Second method for trading with villagers: (personally suggested)

This method I use this because this method gives you control of the items that you want to trade with the librarian. I have written this method into steps.


  1. Craft a lectern
  2. Find a villager without a job (usually they roam in the village)
  3. Locate his house where he sleeps and lives
  4. Place the lectern that you have crafted just next to his bed and trap him with oak fences.
  5. Now you will see that your villager gets converted into a librarian.
Note: Do not place a lectern into green-clothed villagers home, as they do not perform any tasks in Minecraft, but only reproduce.

It is important to check the trades of the librarian after placing the lectern. If you don’t get the enchantments you need to break the lectern and place it again. Repeat this process until the librarian offers you the Silktouch enchantment.

This may seem time-consuming, but it is worth the effort as it will provide you with more enchantments to trade.

Once you get the silk touch you only need an anvil for enchanting your tool with silk touch.

You can get Mending and Frost Walker by following the same process.

Enchantment table

Does Silk Touch Work On Spawners?
Does Silk Touch Work On Spawners? 1

If you are not close to a village or do not want to trade with a librarian for silk touch then here is the second method which helps you to get the enchantment.

Silktouch can be obtained with an enchantment table too, but first, you need to have the enchantment table and for that, you need to craft it because the enchantment table does not occur naturally in the game, so lets craft the enchantment table first.

How to craft an Enchantment table

The enchantment table allows a player to enchant their tool but here we need an enchantment table for silk touch, so let’s craft it.

For enchanting we need a few items and the items are

  1. 4 Obsidian
  2. 2 Diamonds
  3. 1 Book

After collecting these items we can craft an enchantment table.

How to place these blocks for crafting an enchantment table. well here is the image in which you can see how to place 4 obsidian, 2 diamonds, and 1 book for crafting enchantment table.

Does Silk Touch Work On Spawners?
Does Silk Touch Work On Spawners? 2

Now we have our enchantment table and we can enchant our tools, but to get silk touch we need to place the enchantment table with 9 bookshelves surrounding it for better enchatments which we are looking for like silk touch or fortune.

After placing the enchantment table open it places your tools like a pickaxe or any other tool you want to enchant with Silktouch and checks the offering of the enchantment table if it gives silk touch then perfect, otherwise enchant your tool with the best enchantments listed on 3 of the columns.

As this refreshes the enchantment table and shows new offerings in it,

Repeat this method of enchanting your tools again and again until you see a silk touch.

Note: This method requires a lot of tools to enchant to get silk touch so try to use the wooden tools as they are easy to make and I personally suggest the wooden tools.

Getting Silk Touch using commands

There’s a shortcut for getting silk touch using a command and many players do not even know how to get silk touch enchantment using commands but don’t worry I’ll tell you the commands.

Hold the tool that you want to enchant and type the command in your message portal or console.


/enchant @p silk_touch 1

Do not change the number as Silk Touch has only level 1 so if you try to change the number it will show you an error and enchantment won’t happen so you better not change the number 1

Best tools to enchant

There are only 4 tools that you can enchant with silk touch and those are.

  1. Axe
  2. Pickaxe
  3. Shovel
  4. Shears

Let me tell you the profits of enchanting these tools and then I’ll explain why to enchant them. So let’s start with the first one which is the axe and in sequence, we will go to shears.

AXE: mainly players enchant an axe for getting mushroom blocks or mushroom stew which cannot be cut without silk touch if we cut them it will drop a normal mushroom instead of mushroom blocks or stem.

Pickaxe: A pickaxe can be very useful when you talk about mining as it helps a lot in mining any special block suppose a player wants to collect some blocks in their original form then they can use a silk touch enchanted pickaxe to collect the blocks which mainly players use for collecting the diamond ore or emerald ore as they are too rare.

Shovel: Shovels can be enchanted to collect some special type of block just like they exist for example if you visit a higher altitude or mountains then you will see the layers of snow converted into snow blocks and when you try to get the snow block with a normal shovel then it will drop snowballs not the snow blocks but if you mine the same snow block with an enchanted shovel then it will drop the snow block as it is.

Shears; Useless item to enchant with a silk touch try to avoid enchanting this tool with a silk touch.

So basically these are all the tools that can be enchanted with silk touch.

Best uses of silk touch

To use of Silk Touch can be dependent upon the player and what is purpose to use Silk Touch but we are talking about the best uses of Silktouch according to veteran Minecraft players the best use of Silktouch is to collect those blocks that are too rare to find like ores of emerald, ores of diamond and ore of ancient debris because these blocks are too rare to find and if you collect these blocks then you can use these blocks as to decorate your home or your base as a achievement and uniqueness. as if a player can use silk touch to

The second use of silk touch is to mine those blocks that need to be processed very much to convert into the blocks that we want as this saves your time and resources to convert the raw form into the real one. for example:- if you mine stone then you will get stone when you use a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe but if you mine stone without any enchantments then it will drop cobblestones which have to be processed into the furnace to make stone and it takes coals to convert it into stone


After reading this article you can answer the question Does Silk Touch Work On Spawners? Everything about the Silk Touch includes how to get it how to use it and everything about it.

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