Does Magma Blocks Burn Wood

If you are a Minecraft player and searching for a question Does magma blocks burn wood then now your search is over and you are the perfect article I will tell you the answer to this question in this article

Minecraft introduced the magma blocks first in Java Edition 1.10 “Frostburn Update” and then in Pocket Edition 1.1. 3.

Magma bocks can be found in both dimensions overworld as well as nether.

In overworld, it can be found in Underwater Ravines, Underwater Caves, Beneath Lava Lakes,

In the Nether, it can be found in the basalt delta biome in high numbers or Bastions so basically you can find magma blocks in the Overworld and the Nether.

Does Magma Blocks Burn Wood

No, magma blocks do not burn wood, but they can cause damage to mobs. But again it cannot burn wood

But there’s a specialty of magma block: when you place a magma block anywhere and set fire on its top by using flint and steel, then the fire keeps burning infinitely just like on Netherrack in Nether.

as magma blocks resemble lava and people relates lava with magma block which is a common thought according to the correlation of lava and magma block they think that magma blocks can also burn wood just like lava do

How to make Magma block in Minecraft

We can craft a magma Block by using an item called Magma cream.

Magma cream can be obtained by killing magma cubes(mob) found in the Nether.

After collecting this magma cream, we are ready to craft a magma block

we need Four Magma creams to make one magma block.

I have created a simple three-step process and Mentioned the recipe for crafting magma blocks.

Magma block Crafting recipe


  1. Open crafting table
  2. Place four(4) Magma creams into a crafting table
  3. Place magma cream in the square form of 2×2 block
Magma Blocks Burn Wood

However, if you need more magma creams to craft more magma blocks then I will personally suggest you build a magma cube farm

As this farm gives you maga cream and you can use this to craft magma blocks but I will not cover the farm in this article as it gets complicated.

For that I have listed a video by following this you can make a magma cube farm

what is magma block used for in Minecraft

  • Bubble Columns
  • Creating Air Pockets(my personal favorite)
  • Light Source
  • Heating Furnaces
  • Damage to Entities(my personal favorite)
  • Killing Hostile Mobs(my personal favorite)
  • Decoration

These are the uses of magma block in Minecraft. However, if you want to know every use of magma block, I suggest that you watch a video that I have listed below.

After watching the video, I am certain that you will become familiar with and understand every use of magma block.

How to make a down elevator in Minecraft magma block

Making an elevator is not as hard as it looks.

It’s quite simple, whether you want to make a down elevator or an up elevator.

All you need are some basic blocks, and by “basic,” I mean that you only need a magma block to build a down elevator, and soul sand found in the Nether to build an up elevator.

So, building an elevator is not that complicated after all.

These are the essential requirements for building an elevator, but there is one crucial element that you cannot do without, and that is kelp.

Kelp helps to generate movement in water, which is necessary for the elevator to function.

After placing kelp in the lift structure, which must have water inside it, the water will start moving. Once the water starts moving, you can place a block that you can use to ascend or descend.

You can find a step-by-step video guide below on how to make it.

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