How to get Decay Potion in Minecraft?

Many Minecraft players do not often know about the Decay Potion. A decay Potion is also termed the Wither Potion. I have already explained What a Decay Potion is further in this article.

Today we are going to see What is a Decay Potion, What is the Purpose of a Decay Potion, and How to get the Decay Potion in Minecraft. But before knowing How to get Decay Potion in Minecraft. Let us first understand the Pros and Cons of the Decay Potion.

Purpose of Decay Potion

Decay Potion is none other than the Wither: the only difference between them is that the Decay Potion is the Edible version of the Wither’s effects. If you consume the Decay Potion, it will leave you with the Wither effect. It will have the same negative effect as the Wither when she attacks.

How to get Decay Potion in Minecraft?
How to get Decay Potion in Minecraft? 1

After consuming it, your health bar will turn from red to black and slowly start decreasing your HP.

You can also use the Decay Potion in your Defense Mechanism by making Splash Deacy Potion, which will allow you to throw it on other mobs or players to give you an advantage in combats by decreasing their Health.

How to get the Decay Potion?

You can only get to see this Decay Potion in the Vanilla Minecraft Version. It can’t be brewed. But don’t worry about how you can obtain this Potion.

There are two certain ways to obtain the Decay Potion in Minecraft:-

  • Vanilla Minecraft: Yes, you heard it right you can get Deacy Potion but for that, you have to use the commands or have to switch Creative mode.

By putting the command /give @p potion 1 36, you can get the Decay Potion directly into your inventory.

You can know more about switching game modes and using commands, as we have already covered these topics in Get Any Mob Spawner by Using Command.

  • Mods and Plugins: To experience the brewing of this Decay Potion, you can use Mods and Plugins. As Mods and Plugins allow you to brew this particular Decay Potion.
These are some of the certain ways to get the Decay Potion. But what about the Minecraft Java Edition players. Don't worry we are also having a solution for that.

How to get Decay Potion in Java Edition?

Decay Potion is not available for the latest Java Edition version, even not in the Creative. According to our research, you can get to see the Decay Potion in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

The other way to get the Decay Potion in Minecraft Java Edition is to use additional Mods and Plugins. The most compatible Mobs to get the Decay Potion according to me is Better Survival Mod Minecraft.

This Mod will allow you to brew the Decay Potion in Minecraft Java Edition. Wither Rose is used as an ingredient to make the Decay Potion. You can obtain Wither Rose by defeating the Wither. She drops it after defeat, and it can be used for brewing the Decay Potion.

This Mod is not suitable with the latest Java version patches. To properly use this Mod you have to download the Minecraft Java Edition with the 1.12 patch.

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