How To Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep 

How To Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep

break stone deposit in stranded deep
How To Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep  1

Hi, are you Stranded Deep Player & are you looking for how to break stone deposit in stranded deep or how to break rock in stranded deep. Then you are at right place. In this article i am going you to guide you step by step to break rock or stone in stranded deep.

To break a stone deposit in Stranded Deep, you will need to use a Refined Pick. You can make a Refined Pick once you reach Crafting Level 3. The materials needed to make a Refined Pick are following.

      • 2x Leather

      • 1x Stick

      • 2x Stone Tools

    Once you have made a Refined Pick, you can use it to break stone deposits. Approach the stone deposit and hit it with the Refined Pick. The number of hits required to break the stone deposit will depend on your Harvesting Level. Once the stone deposit is broken, you will collect small pieces of stone that you can use for crafting.

    Here Are Some Tips for Break Stone Deposits in Stranded deep.

    how to break stone in stranded deep
    How To Break Stone Deposit Stranded Deep  2

        • Make Refined Pick before you attempt to break a stone deposit. A Refined Pick will break stone deposits faster than a Crude Pick or a Stone Tool.

        • Aim for the center of the stone deposit to break it more quickly.

        • If you have a high Harvesting Level, you will need to hit the stone deposit fewer times to break it.

        • Collect the small pieces of stone that fall from the stone deposit after it is broken.

      Here Are Some Other Ways to Get Stone in Stranded Deep.

          • Pick up loose rocks that you find on the ground.

          • Explore the neighbouring islands to find more stone deposits.

          • Craft a Stone Axe and use it to chop down trees. Trees will sometimes drop stone when they are chopped down.

          • Craft a Stone Pickaxe and use it to mine clay deposits. Clay deposits can also be broken with a Refined Pick, but they will yield more stone than clay.

        after reaching here firstly thank you to read this article and if you want any answer about or you have any queries related to any game do let me know in comment box

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