Bone blocks in minecraft

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in this article I will talk about Where you can find the bone blocks in Minecraft with the commands to locate the bone blocks known as fossils and crafting recipes for bone blocks

Bone blocks are a type of white block available in the game. They are used purely for decorative purposes and to store bone meal.

Nine bonemeals can be stored in one bone block, allowing for up to 576 bone meals to be stored in a single stack of 64 bone blocks.

This is a useful solution to the problem of storing bone meal in the game.

Where to find bone blocks

Bone blocks can be found in two dimensions. The first is in the Nether, where it is more commonly generated. The second is in the Overworld, but it is much harder to find and is very rare. If you are lucky enough to come across it in the Overworld, consider yourself fortunate.


To enter the Nether, you’ll need to create a Nether portal. Once inside, keep an eye out for the soul sand biome, as it’s the only block in which bone blocks generate in the Nether.

You can even find the bone block in Bastion Remnant but for that, you need to find the Bastion Remnant first so I’ll suggest you use commands to find Bastion Remnant but if you want to find it by yourself that is your choice

If you’re having trouble locating the fossil biome, you can use commands to help you, but I don’t think you’ll need them. However, if you do want to know the commands, I’ve included them for you.


In the overworld, bone blocks can be found, but they are very rare. However, if you are determined to find them, your best bet is to search in desert swamps and mangrove swamps. My recommendation would be to use commands to locate the fossil biome. To make it easier for you, I have included the necessary commands below.

Command for locating Fossil

You can use these commands to locate the fossil biome, where bone blocks form structures known as fossils.

/locate Fossil

How to Craft Bone Block Minecraft

To craft bone blocks using bone meal, players need to obtain bones by killing skeletons. Every bone obtained can be converted into three bone meals. Nine bone meals are required to craft a single block of bone. Therefore, players need to kill at least three skeletons to obtain enough bones to craft a single bone block.

Crafting Recipe of Bone blocks


  1. Open crafting table
  2. Take 9 bone meal and place 3 bones on the crafting table you will get 9 bonemeal
  3. place 9 bone meals in all boxes of the crafting table as shown in the image.

How to get Bone block in large amounts

If you require a large amount of bone meal and bone blocks, then building a skeleton farm is the best solution. On this farm, you can collect bones. I cannot describe the process of building such a farm in detail in this article as it would be too long and exhausting to read. Therefore, I recommend you watch a video that explains how to build the best skeleton farm for obtaining bones. Once you have collected the bones, you can make bone meal and bone blocks from them.

A video by-Shulkercraft

Commands for bone blocks

Although this method can provide you with bone blocks in Minecraft easily, it eliminates the thrill and adventure of the game. I don’t personally use this method, but I have listed it above for your convenience. If you want to obtain a bone block directly into your inventory, here are the commands you should use:

/give @p bone_block 1

“If this doesn’t work, try this.”

/give @p bone_block 1 0

Adjust the numbers to fit your needs as i have used 1 or 10 for showing you. For example, if you need 64, enter 64.


what is bone block used for in minecraft

  1. Decoration: As Bone, blocks can be used for decoration.
  2. Bone Meal Production: Bone blocks can be converted into bone meal.
  3. Fuel: In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, bone blocks can be used as a fuel source in furnaces and other smelting devices.
  4. Trading: In Minecraft Java Edition, we can trade bone blocks with piggins and they exchange valuable items for this.
  5. Building and Crafting: these blocks are well known for decoration and use in making buildings or structures more beautiful.

So these are all the uses of bone blocks in Minecraft


Bone blocks can be used mainly for decorative purposes

and it can also be used in farms to get boe meal from it which is good for growing crops

Bone block can also store large amounts of bone meal into bone blocks by converting 9 bonemeal into 1 bone block

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