Best Ways to Find Spawners in Minecraft

Defining a Mob spawner is a tough task, but understanding the pros and cons of the game is a crucial piece of art.

A spawner is a cube-like structure that looks like a cage in which the smaller version of the mob is inside it. For example- In the presence of a zombie spawner, a smaller replica of the zombie will be visible inside it.

Best Ways to Find Spawners in Minecraft
Best Ways to Find Spawners in Minecraft 1

You are only allowed to destroy the specific mob spawner with your pickaxe for which in return you can gain 15-43 EXP(experience), breaking it with anything else like sword, axe, shovel, and hoe will reward you nothing.

NOTE:  By any chance, you are'nt allowed to collect the Mob Spawner by destroying it with a normal or an enchanted weapon.

In Minecraft, you can see many types of mob spawners at various places.

Let’s dig into it without wasting time!

Types of Mob Spawners

You can find different Mob Spawners at different structures, biomes, and worlds (Except Nether). Different Spawner generates different Mobs.

  • BASTION REMNANTS: Here you can find the Spawner of Magma Cubes.
  • DUNGEONS: Here you can locate three types of spawners Skeleton, Zombies, and Spiders with the ratio of Skeletons(25%), Spiders(25%), and Zombies(50%).
  • MINESHAFTS: Here you can locate the Spawner of Cave spiders.
  • NETHER FORTRESS: Here you can locate two types of spawners Blaze with the ratio of Blaze(100%).
  • STRONHGOLD: Here you can find the spawner of SilverFish.
  • WOODLAND MANSION: Here you can observe the Mobs being spawned naturally by the game. The mobs spawned in Woodland Mansion are Evokers, Vindicators, and Spiders too.

Tips to Find Mob Spawners

Right now, we’re discussing the most effective ways to find Minecraft spawners at different locations. Before starting this, I would like to tell you that Dungeons and Bation Remnants are very tough to locate.

Mineshafts, Dungeons, Stronghold, and WoodLand Mansion are the four locations in your overworld in which you can locate Mob Spawners.

You can’t find any Mob Spawner in the End World as they do not have any.

Bastion Remnants: They are difficult to find but to make it easy you can use the commands to locate the Bastion Remnants. This monument can only be found in the Nether World. They aren’t close to the fortress as neither of them spawns in the same area/location. Here you can see the Magma Cube Spawner.

Dungeons: Exploring Underground Caves can be the best option to find a dungeon as they are interconnected to the caves.

You can easily identify a nearby Dungeon by the cobblestones and mossy cobblestones used in their structure, instead of regular stone blocks.

If you are exploring the caves watch out to maximize your volume, as the zombies start spawning in bulk when you are near the Dungeon. So, you’ll get to know when there is a Dungeon nearby.

You can also search for the Dungeons in the Dessert area as the empty spaces of a Dungeon will make the sand collapse.

Mineshafts: Try to find the Badlands biome because Mineshafts are found there normally as they are above the ground level. You can identify the Mineshafts as they are made with wooden planks and there are several Rail Tracks on them.

Finding a Mineshaft in another biome can be a little difficult as compared to the Badlands Biome. So, try exploring the Underground caves and Ravines.

Nether Fortress: You can only find Nether Fortress in the Nether World. As you all know where the Bastion Remnant monument is situated you can’t locate Nether Fortress because they do not spawn in the same area.

Inside the Nether Fortress, you can see the Blaze spawners.

STRONGHOLD: A StrongHold is a place where you can start your fabulous journey ending the game by killing Ender Dragon. You can find a StrongHold or end portal by using the Eye of Ender.

Recipe of an Eye of Ender is: 1 Ender Pearl and 1 Blaze Powder

At the stairs of a StrongHold, you will notice a SilverFish Spawner.

WOODLAND MANSION: The Way of Woodland Mansion can be everyone’s cup of tea if they correctly use the Cartographer. But for this, you have to upgrade your Cartographers level from Novice to Master.

By attaining the Master level of Cartographer you can get different Buried Treasure Maps and other monument maps (like Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansion maps)

NOTE: All Mobs in the Woodland Mansion spawn naturally, without specific spawners.

Additional Tips

Bastion Remnant monument in Nether, make sure to wear a piece of gold armor to avoid Piglin’s attack, do you know you can stop Piglins from spawning as well?

Bastion Remnant monument is full of Gold blocks, Nuggets, and Ingots so don’t forget to collect those on your way back home. Sometimes you can also find some Ancient Debris scraps in the chest at the middle of the monument.

Mineshafts are underground areas containing valuable resources such as diamonds, iron, gold, emeralds, string, and books. It is important to collect the string and books found in the mineshaft library.

Remember to carry a bucket of milk and a Shield as the Mineshafts are filled with poisonous Cave Spiders.

Fire Resistance and Night Vision portions can be a life-saver while exploring the ruins of the Nether Fortress. Also, you have to carry some buckets of milk because of the presence of Wither Skeleton they can leave you with a Wither Effect after attacking.

You must carry a stack of Gold Ingots to trade with the Piglins as they give you valuable resources in return.

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