All white blocks in minecraft

If you are looking for a list of white blocks in Minecraft, then you must be a Minecraft enthusiast who loves playing the game. However, you might be confused about which blocks are considered white, how they look, or how to obtain them.

At the beginning of the game, there’s no need to worry. All you need are some all common blocks to survive and create basic tools. However, as you progress and develop your village or base in the game, you may want to add some decorations to your buildings. There are many blocks available in Minecraft for decoration, but in this article, I will focus on the white blocks and guide you on how to obtain or craft them.

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This guide is for all Minecraft players, whether you play on the Pocket Edition, Java Edition, or Bedrock Edition. As a fellow player, I have written this guide to help you. So, follow my instructions and enjoy playing the game!

Currently, I am playing Minecraft Pocket Edition because Mojang regularly updates it, making it one of the best options.

As a player, I find that one of the best ways to categorize blocks in Minecraft is by color. White blocks, in particular, catch my attention as they add beauty to any structure. In this regard, I have compiled a list of white blocks available in the game that you can use to decorate your building or house. The list includes information on where to find them, their uses, and much more.

Quartz blocks

quartzblock All white blocks in minecraft

Quartz blocks can be crafted using nether quartz that can be found in the Nether.

BLOCK OF QUARTZ All white blocks in minecraft

Place the Nether quartz in crafting table as shown in image above and craft a block of quartz.

Smooth Quartz blocks

Quartz block All white blocks in minecraft

First you need to craft the block of quartz, and for crafting the block of quartz you need the neither quartz which only found in nether.

After crafting a block of quartz, we can smelt it in a furnace or blast furnace to obtain smooth quartz blocks.

smooth quartz block All white blocks in minecraft

This block requires effort and time to craft, but can be a great decoration option.

Quartz bricks

quartz bricks All white blocks in minecraft

First, you need to craft quartz blocks before you can make quartz bricks.

After obtaining a block of quartz, we need four blocks of quartz to create one block of quartz bricks by placing the blocks of quartz in the pattern shown in the image on a crafting table.

Quartz bricks All white blocks in minecraft

Another way to craft Quartz bricks is by using the stone cutter. All you need is a block of Quartz and a stone cutter.

Stonecutter minecraft All white blocks in minecraft

Once you have a stone cutter, put a block of quartz into it. This will give you many options to craft, but make sure to choose quartz bricks as that is what we are currently crafting. After selecting quartz bricks, you will obtain the desired amount of bricks.


snow All white blocks in minecraft

Snow generally found on high amplitude areas or in ice biomes, but you cant directly get the snow by mining it by pickaxe, all you need is a shove to mine the snow.

after mining the snow you will find snowballs by which you can use these snow balls to make a snow block

snow block All white blocks in minecraft

Note – When snow blocks come in contact with water, they disappear or dissolve.

These blocks can be used to create ice golems or for layering on items to enhance their beauty.

white wool

white wool All white blocks in minecraft

This is one of my favorite blocks in Minecraft, and I’m sure it’ll be your favorite too. It’s the most commonly found block in the game, and it’s incredibly durable.

We can obtain wool by either killing a goat or shearing a sheep with the help of shear.

Video by – Magmamusen

generally, this block is used to make beds, carpets or decorative items

Bone block

bone block All white blocks in minecraft

To obtain this block, we need to craft it as it doesn’t occur naturally.

In order to craft a bone block, we cannot do so directly. First, we must obtain bone meal by placing bones on a crafting table.

2 1 All white blocks in minecraft

Once we have bone meal, we can combine 9 pieces of it on a crafting table to create a block of bone.

3 1 All white blocks in minecraft

These blocks are commonly used for decoration, but their circular design causes them to fade at the top and bottom. However, you can place them horizontally to conceal the faded areas.

white terracotta

white terracotta All white blocks in minecraft

Terracotta is little rare item in the game. It is considered rare because it can only be found in certain biomes and is not easily obtainable. However, you can also craft terracotta by using clay.

BLOCK OF QUARTZ 1 All white blocks in minecraft

To make terracotta, first you need to find clay in either water or the sea. Then, mine the clay and put it in a furnace to smelt it. Once the clay is converted into terracotta, you can dye it white using white dye, which can be obtained by crafting bone meal. Simply place bone meal in a crafting table to get white dye.

White terracotta All white blocks in minecraft

After creating white dye, we can change the color of produced terracotta to white using the dye.

When cooked in a furnace, white terracotta turns into white glazed terracotta from its original light pink color.

White glazed terracotta

white glazed terracotta 3 All white blocks in minecraft

Smelt white terracotta to make white glazed terracotta.

white glazed terracotta recipe 1 All white blocks in minecraft

This terracotta is generally used for decoration due to its beautiful patterns. I have personally used it for the floors of my castle and library as it adds a touch of elegance..

White concrete

white concrete All white blocks in minecraft

White concrete is a solid block in Minecraft, but it must be crafted as it does not occur naturally.

First, you need to create white concrete powder before crafting white concrete. Let’s learn how to make white concrete powder.

To begin with, you’ll require a bone meal, four blocks of gravel, and four blocks of sand. Once you have collected these items, you must arrange the sand and gravel with the bone meal in a specific pattern as shown in the image.

White concrete All white blocks in minecraft

After crafting white concrete powder, place it in water to create white concrete.

These blocks are solid and do not break easily, making them the best fit for the walls of your villager farms or house walls. They provide protection against mobs, especially creepers that can blast themselves and damage ordinary blocks.


In this article, I discuss the white blocks in Minecraft and provide easy-to-follow crafting recipes. Additionally, I share where I personally use these blocks in the game. If you find this information helpful, please leave a comment to let me know. Your feedback motivates me to provide more precise and useful information.

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